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Wiktionary has possible usages of Ichi as a surname and as a female given name.
Are there examples in the phonebook of people called Ichi Ichi?

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Oh, I hope not.

Could you clarify what you mean by “ichi as a given name”? Because when 一 is used as a given name, it’s rarely, if ever, pronounced いち. I’m having some trouble getting Wikipedia to give me a list of all people with 一 as given name or family name, though…

This site estimates how many people have the surname 一 at about 380, and it lists various possible readings (はじめ, いち, かず, にのまえ, よこいち, いちもんじ, ひともんじ, かずと, でかた)

My girlfriend says she’s met people named はじめ with just 一 as the spelling.


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