IBC Primer Book Club 🍙 Reading コンビニ人間 starting on June 17th

Here is the rest of the schedule. Bold means the end phrase is in the middle of a section/“chapter”. All the question mark page numbers and page counts comes from my Kobo with the story set to 144 pages (excluding pages before (toc and title page and such) and after the story). The % is from my kobo book for the whole book, that is why it ends on 94% and not 100% since there is like an essay and stuff after the story.

If anyone provides me with missing information like end kindle location for each week, or the actual page numbers for a PB (paperback) or HB (hardback), then I will fill those in. (And update weekly page count if PB.)

I also went ahead and hid all the end phrases because I have no idea if any of them are a spoiler.

For end phrases, I don’t think even one of them is a complete sentence, it is usually the last part of a sentence after a comma, but not always (I think once or twice that made the line very long).

If you notice a discrepancy between page range and page amount, it is because I decided to not count pages in the page count column if it was only one line or two of the page included in a week.

Week Start Date End Page (PB) End Page (HB) End Kindle Location End Percentage Ebook End Phrase Page Count
#1 Jun 17th 5? 4% おにぎりを並べ始めた。 5?
#2 Jun 24th 9? 6% 大人はほっとしたようだった。 5?
#3 Jul 1st 14? 10% どこか作り物めいて感じられた。 5?
#4 Jul 8th 20? 13% 私を正常な人間にしているのだった。 6?
#5 Jul 15th 25? 17% 喋ると不思議とちょうどいい。 6?
#6 Jul 22nd 30? 20% ユカリは私に笑いかけ続ける。 6?
#7 Jul 29th 35? 23% 膝の上で静かに撫でた。 5?
#8 Aug 5th 40? 26% 菅原さんが姿を現した。 6?
#9 Aug 12th 46? 30% 私は急いで自分の仕事に戻った。 7?
#10 Aug 19th 52? 34% ケーキのクリームがついた唇を拭った。 7?
#11 Aug 26th 59? 39% 白羽さんの顔を見てしまった。 8?
#12 Sep 2nd 66? 43% 同じ朝を微笑んでいる。 7?
#13 Sep 9th 75? 49% 私は菅原さんの喋り方で微笑みかけた。 9?
#14 Sep 16th 84? 55% 深刻な風情で覗きこんでいるだけだった。 10?
#15 Sep 23rd 95? 62% チョコレートメロンサイダーを取り出し、白羽さんに渡した。 11?
#16 Sep 30th 107? 70% 私のかけがえのない同士だった。 12?
#17 Oct 7th 119? 77% 食べかけのプリンを手にしたまま二人を見つめていた。 13?
#18 Oct 14th 130? 84% 私はいつまでも藍色の空をぼんやり見上げていた。 12?
#19 Oct 21st 144? 94% <THE END> 14?

I guess I should poll you all if this is an acceptable schedule. I do hope so. I tried to get 1-2 chapters of 15 pages at the end, but I thought it better to end between sections, and anyway, someone else’s paper copy might make the 14 page week into a 15 page week.

Oh, as I added the schedule to the OP, I saw that the last 4 3 weeks are exactly the same as the original IBC read. So if this works out, I guess we’ll be ready. :sunglasses:

Does the schedule look good?
  • Yes
  • Mostly, but … (please comment below)
  • No (please comment below what is problematic with it)

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Here are the page numbers from the paperback:
11 (note, it starts on page 7)


Thank you so much!

I wonder how well my page counts hold up against your edition. I will see very soon. :see_no_evil:

Do you have an ISBN number (you can find that on a copyright page usually, or should be on the listing of where you bought the book)? So people have can more easily figure out if they have the same edition.

I updated the OP with your page numbers (so anyone who wants to see that, just go to the first post). Thanks a ton :bangbang:

Are you sure the story ends on page 168 though? Because the page amounts have been very similar between my kobo pages and your paperback, except for the last chapter that suddenly jumped from 14 pages to 23 pages. (Otherwise the page amount have been +0-2 pages.)


Sorry. You are right. The book ends on page 161. There is a commentary following that, which is what ends on page 168.

The ISBN of my copy is ISBN978-4-16-791130-0.


No worries at all! I appreciate the help a lot. :smiley:

Awesome, I’ll add the ISBN number to the OP so people can know which paperback edition have given the page numbers.


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Because no one has voted for reading the hardback, I deleted the column from the schedule. Will anyone be reading a kindle edition? And if yes, are any of those people willing to find the kindle location for where each week ends?

If it doesn’t seem like we’ll get kindle readers, or no one has the time to get those end points, I will delete that column too, to make the schedule table easier to read. But I’m not gonna take away a column if it might get used. ^^

Also, I’ll leave the schedule poll open for another 3 days so I’ll close it on June 1st. After that, we’re just waiting for the start date. :partying_face:


I’ll use the kindle version. But I don’t think I have time to go find the kindle location numbers… I don’t mind if the table is there or not. I imagine the percentage is gonna be the same as other ebooks? I don’t really know though. Never followed along on an ebook version in a club before.

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I honestly don’t know. It will certainly depend on if you have a version with the same front and end matter (pages) as my version. Beyond that, I don’t know. Hopefully it’ll be close/same.

Maybe someone else knows from a previous book club.

As someone who has participated in book clubs while reading the ebook versions of the books - for me, the pages and percentages in a schedule basically only serve as a measure of much reading there is each week.

What I like doing prior to each book club, is searching through the book for each weeks’ end phrase and mark it with a note saying which week that is. When I read through the book with the book club I will know when to stop when I see the marked text and I don’t have to rely on page number or percentages. Also makes it easier to look things up by week whenever I need to while discussing in the weekly threads.


Here are the first few Kindle locations
Week 1: 60
week 2: 112
week 3: 172
week 4: 233
week 5: 292


Added to the OP. :slight_smile: Thanks!

That’s a very good point. Perhaps I’ll try to find time to mark them ahead of time after all. Thanks. :slight_smile:


I decided to add the notes to my kindle version as Redglare suggested. I decided to use the kindle app on a laptop which I’d never really used before. There was a big search bar on the side. I didn’t realize there was a search function at all. It was so much easier than I thought to do. :woman_facepalming: So here’s the rest of the kindle locations for you:

  1. 352
  2. 406
  3. 463
  4. 526
  5. 583
  6. 664
  7. 744
  8. 831
  9. 935
  10. 1052
  11. 1180
  12. 1309
  13. 1432
  14. 1587

@frootlooper Thanks for the rest of the kindle positions! :smiley:

I might have to do that next time, the marking with a note. As I made the schedule I only highlighted each phrase and having already gone back and forth so many times I don’t feel like fixing it. Maybe I’ll do that as I go. :joy:

Thanks for the useful tips!

On that note, the schedule is now finalized since everyone thought it looked good. I hope no one felt like they had to answer that. If you want to see it filled in with correct page counts and kindle positions, look in the OP.

As I mentioned, the last 3 weeks of reading currently looks exactly the same as the original club. And that was not intentional. :sweat_smile: I was just looking for good breaking points and trying to get to 15 pages, but when you get that close to the general pace I thought that good stopping points was more important than a specific page count. And it was only as I was comparing the schedule that I noticed the sameness. :joy:

So I guess now we just have to wait around for June 17th! And maybe one or two of you are still waiting for paper books to arrive?

If you have a suggestions for a good emoji for this club, let me know. I was looking through the emoji and I think I might pick :rice_ball:, an item I commonly bought at コンビニ when I lived in Japan for a year. The other good one I saw was :bento: but コンビニ is not the place I picked those kinds of things up. And this one is too boring visually, imo: :convenience_store: