I wrote a haiku

Where I live we have recently gotten a wave of nice weather, in like the 70s/80s, along with some nice sunshine. This is wonderful and i love going outside when it’s like this. Unfortunately, this also means that the trees and every other plant on god’s green earth have decided to unleash all their pollen upon the world. Everything is yellow. My car, the ground, any surface outside… There’s even visible clouds of pollen in the air. It’s insane. However, because of this I became inspired to write a haiku. Here it is:


Around February
When spring comes
Too much pollen

Please feel free to write and share your haikus in this thread!


This is a spring poem I wrote last year
It’s part pun


Warming waters / nature waking up / ants in my house


Oh I love that so much, there’s nothing that satisfies me so much as a good pun :joy:

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