I would love to see a "new game+" badge/marker

It’s taken me years to get where I am on WK. I’m sure if completely forgotten hundreds of things. I feel it’d be a big benefit to “re-learn” these, instead of relying solely on seeing them in the wild. Reinforcement.

Maybe, a new game +, but with the ability to burn from the start? I do new game +, everything resets. Those items I feel I need work on, I can do over. But if I feel I really know something, I can just burn it away, since I’ve already “learned” it.

My thoughts exactly. I guess the badge marker is “encouraging bad behavior” but there are people who can and would make use of it. With it without a badge people do it because it helps them in some way.

For those who are arguing against it, it sounds like you wouldn’t reset your level — so if it doesn’t apply to you or hurt your progress……don’t use it? :man_facepalming::joy:

How long do you think it would take to develop just changing the already existing reset function to add a counter? LOL

What? We are just saying why we think the wk team doesn’t do something that would incentivize resetting after getting 60.

You guys can reset if you want. Like no one is gonna stop you lol. Its just that we think some fancy badge stuff that might incentivize it wont/hasn’t been implemented for certain reasons.


Not much, but not worth the effort for something both against their goals and has such a small audience. Also you are asking for a new badge, and other ui elements which is a little more than just a counter.

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This was such a brazen suggestion mods got angry and removed the badge altogether.



:angryviet: :baka:


We’re all in new game+ now