I would have never made it without WaniKani

How many times did I try to learn Kanji and…
how many times was I too confused, too lost, too bothered by headache…

Mind you, I’m learning Japanese on and off since I’m 14 … ( I’m 30 now) and Kanji never worked out for me.

Most apps I tried to learn with presented the Kanji, the meaning, on-and kunyomi and were like: " now, just learn it!". To really make sense of it all was just not possible for me and I felt like I’d be too stupid to learn even. :smiling_face_with_tear:

At one point I convinced myself that I don’t need Kanji! (but deep down I always wanted to learn it).

And now I’m already on level 5 :exploding_head:
Learning feels easy :exploding_head:
I have fun doing it :exploding_head:

Like what?

Thanks WaniKani!
I truly love you, your community and your creators.
Today I’m a 100% convinced that you are the only reason, I’m able to make my dream to read in japanese come true. :blush:




:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

true though


For sure. This is it!

I had been trying to learn kanji on-and-off for ~10-years before I found this. When I returned to taking Japanese classes in 2020, I had a reputation for blowing the doors off the kanji and reading parts because no one else used Wanikani, RTK, or any of the ‘modern’ approaches.

If you’re learning vocab separately, check out the (paid) Refold Anki deck too. It has an approach to passively learning to site read words, which has been effective for me. I’m doing both at the same time and reducing the pace of each to compensate. Refold goes much faster, but the knowledge isn’t as durable and concrete as WK. For example, I can take a kanji pairing I’ve never seen before and rely on my WK knowledge to sort out the meaning and reading. I don’t feel like I get that out of the Refold deck, but I learn to read specific words at a faster rate.

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Lmao this made me laugh so much.

mmmm well I have to run some errands in the afternoon and I have to fix something at 11am. I guess I’ll have to continue studying tomorrow

When we convince ourselves that something can wait or we don’t need it after all :sweat_smile:

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I studied 6 months of japanese in Japan in 2010…

Tried to study by myself in 2011…

but nothing compared to these 1,5 years I have into WK. I am way better now at reading than compared to that time.


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