I was reading Tadoku level 0 stories, and I was wondering about -

If I find a few words I don’t know I look them up in Jisho, and I found a sentence that doesn’t exactly make sense (at least to me). The sentence was: みんな青いです. I know the words blue and is, but I didn’t know みんな, so I looked it up, and apparently, it means everyone, so it roughly translates to “Everyone is blue?” Does it mean everyone is pale or something? Maybe, I’m just making a super obvious mistake, who knows?


青い has a variety of meanings. Without more surrounding context, we wouldn’t be able to tell.


I apologize, it was a picture of blue mice and blanket, with some other objects. Can everyone sometimes mean everything? Or, maybe it’s almost personification?


Oh, that’s pretty straightforward. みんな (all the mice and other things) 青いです (are blue).

Was it just that you thought that みんな only refers to people?


Yes, I assumed that I was just wrong, thanks for clarifying though! I know this probably seems like a pointless question, but yeah; I might delete this thread because it seems a little pointless…

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Everyone has to learn the meaning some time! I’m sure other beginners have the same question, so it’s not pointless.


Not pointless, I read that book a couple of years back and had also thought that みんな only referred to people until reading that sentence. :slightly_smiling_face:


Definitely not pointless - I learned a new thing today because of this!! I’m just not as brave as you to ask the question. Thank you :bowing_woman:


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