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He probably didn’t, as he has 28 kanji in Apprentice.

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Oh. Then yeah, if it wasn’t clear, the reason the radicals are time critical is because they unlock the second wave kanji, which are what push you over the 90% barrier in the vast majority of levels.

Hmm, well he could have still and just guru’d some of the earlier kanji.

Just because something works well for other people, doesn’t mean it will work well for you. Plenty of people on here tend to forget that; hopefully you don’t join them.

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how many days passed for level 4 ?

Hey, OP! (@taiho7777). I’m happy to see you’ve made it to level 6. When I was first getting used to Wanikani, I was like you, just doing lessons and reviews as available and wondering how the leveling system works.

Hopefully you’ve figured it out now and read jprspereira’s amazing post on the subject of timing and levelling.

Here’s my “simple” method of levelling up in 7 days. First thing is to find a schedule that works for you and works for the Wanikani system.

The WK system goes like this:

Learn…review in 4 hours…review in 8 hours…review in 23 hours…review in 47 hours: guru!


You level up when 90% of the kanji for that level are guru status. But you can’t get 90% to guru (for most levels) until you get most of the level’s radicals to guru (because the second set of kanji are unlocked as you guru the radicals that they use.)

So here’s my 7 day level method (actually it’s probably the same method for anyone who levels weekly):

Learn radicals as soon as you level up and follow above timing making almost no mistakes.

(Meanwhile, learn kanji and vocabulary, but the timing and accuracy for those isn’t so important at this stage in the week. Just know that you’ll need to get almost all of those kanji to guru level (4 successful consecutive reviews which takes minimum 3.5 days) by the end of the week. )

Once the radicals have reached guru level, the second smaller set of kanji is unlocked. Learn these and treat them like you did the radicals in the first part of the week. If you can get them to guru along with the first set of kanji in 3.5 days, you’ll have reached a 7 day level up (really, you only need 90% of the total kanji, so a mistake or two is fine).

Now, how to fit this in with your schedule? Up to you. In my case, I level up Sunday afternoon at 5pm. Review at 9pm. Monday morning at 6am. Tuesday morning at 6am. Thursday at 6am (and then learn the new kanji). Review at 10am, again at 6pm, Friday at 6pm, Sunday at 5pm. Level up!

Personally I like to do all my lessons at once so that I have slow days during the week ( for example I don’t have to touch WK on Saturdays). But others like to space them out little by little. Whatever works best for you.

Hope this helped and good luck! The reorder script helps too! And as others have said, you certainly don’t need to go this fast, but on the other hand some people enjoy it.


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