I think the Crabigator needs astronomy lessons

Oh yeah? Try and stop me.


I hear you and mostly agree, but go too far down that route and you end up in ideas of “cultural purity”, which is dangerous. Certainly the French Académie efforts in the modern era have skirted close to that on more than one occasion. I also prefer when a word is created in line with the language rather than directly imported. It feels more comfortable (and not just because I hate katakana). But I come at it from English which “has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary.” so who am I to judge?

In the case of planets, though, the naked eye planets were all named based upon the elements. So while the Western world could just use more Greek/Roman gods (they have plenty), there were no more elements to crib from. Taking the western name, translating it to kanji and going with that seems like a good compromise.

Sadly, given our current world, I don’t see the introduction of English (and other languages) into Japanese (and other languages) stopping any time soon.

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Good luck xD

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You might need to be the Crabigator. :wink:

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