I struggle-bussed for a month, now my reviews are coming in overwhelming chunks

Is that still a thing? :thinking:

Yes. :joy:

I just vaguely timed myself.
Going at a leisurely pace, I did 10 reviews/minute.
Going at a more focused, I did 15 reviews/minute.

These excluded radical reviews.

I’m sure if I put my mind to it, more than 30/minute is doable while maintaining accuracy.

Oh, you mean using anki mode?

Also 2 second reviews… :sweat_smile:

Yes, Anki Mode for sure.

I also use Anki mode, going full speed and getting around 400 reviews per day.
This morning I got up at 7am to do around 200 reviews and learn 60 Kanji and vocab, later this day I have to do around 260 reviews and prelearn the kanji for the next level.
Those fast levels are hell :-/

Most important thing is not to neglect your reviews and do them as soon as you can. Small batches of reviews are much easier to handle than huge piles.

140 lessons a day???

What the… how… how could you possibly retain 140 lessons a day without it being a full-time job, already being mostly fluent, or living in Japan?

That is insane. How much time would one spend on wanikani each day doing 140 lessons and all the associated reviews? Would you even have time to eat and sleep?

It was a typo. I meant 140 reviews per day.