I stopped reviewing Recent Mistakes

I’ve slowed down a fair amount recently, probably because I got a new job. I actually went 3 days without studying at all, breaking a streak of about 150 days.

Around level 15 I stopped going through recent mistakes any more. I used to feel bad when I got an old one wrong, but I bet you that if you grilled me on level one right now I’d get a few of them wrong.

I think the biggest issue with the recent mistakes is that only maybe 30% of them were things I’d really forgotten, with the rest getting dinged due to typos etc. I also noticed that if you just ignored them for awhile, they’d go away, fitting in with the “recent” flag I guess.

I had bought the Hunter vs. Hunter manga, hoping to start reading, but it is about 3 by 4 inches and I can barely read it. I’m not going to sit there with a magnifier. Nevertheless I think I would like to start trying to apply some of this to real reading where it all comes together rather than just being an abstract memorization exercise.