I signed up!

Been using the site for my free month, reached level 4 now I am fully paid up for a year. I find doing the work quite addictive and absorbing.

I went to my Japanese class last night and a fellow student had a dual language book that we were looking at. Super pleased that paragraph one had several kanji that I could read! so happy



:clap: Congrats! Keep kanji-ing and good luck on your mnemonic-filled journey!
And welcome to the cult

Yay, welcome! Stick with it :smile:

high five
Hey way to go @Angela962! Glad that you are enjoying. I think this enjoyment factor is going to help you immensely as you dive further in your studies. Best of luck on this!

This is me when I see some kanji while watching Naruto. I pause and see if I can read it before unpausing. :slightly_smiling_face: fun times!



Awesome you’ve already been able to put your new skills into practice :sunglasses: Love that feeling when you can tell it’s actually working!

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Welcome in this kanji learning adventure.
You’ll find on this forum many kind people ready to answer your questions, share other learning materials or read books alongside you in one of the book clubs.
Not knowing if you prefer salty or sweety gifts I brought cheese and macaron.


So thoughtful! How did you know I follow a gluten free diet! :sunglasses:

Thank you


Welcome Angela!

The actual results in such a short time (3% of the whole WK experience) is what convinced me too.

I see this is not your first time on the forum. Still, in case you’ve missed it, check out jprspereira’s guide:

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Welcome to the community!
You’re right, WaniKani is an amazing tool for learning kanji - so much progress in such a short time :blush:
I look forward to seeing you around~ Have fun studying!

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Stellar! We’re happy to have you! :raised_hands:


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