I regretted resetting last time, and here I am regretting again

Come back after a very long hiatus. I was at level 23, facing a mountain of reviews, and thought that resetting back by 5 levels would be a good way to reduce the load, especially since I am very weak on those past 5 levels.

However, I then discovered the new feature that allows sorting by level. I wish I had just used that from the beginning.

Now, I’m steadily working my way back up through my reviews a little bit each day. I’m posting this to warn anyone else with similar ideas about the potential regret.


To reset or not to reset, that is the question? ~ anonymous durtle

I think this is best answered by each person according to their circumstances. For some, resetting is the better option, giving a smoother ride by allowing you to simply restart lessons and taking your time with them all over. For others, it might have been better to just kept on doing one’s reviews until the mountain has been scaled and reduced to 0 again.

It’s also a matter of what type if subscription you have: monthly = resetting is costly. Yearly = resetting is a defo setback. Lifetime = resetting is no biggie.


For me, resetting has always been a terrible idea and I agree with OP, even if it is a slightly controversial take.


The idea of restarting has never appealed to me, I just don’t see the point. Why create extra work for yourself? I think some folks are just intimidated by that large number of pending reviews. You’ll eventually need to work through all those items whether you see that number on the homepage or not.

When I return after a break, I start pushing through my reviews. If I know the item, great. If I don’t, well then I click the little eye icon and redo the lesson right there, before moving on to the next review item.


I took two hiatuses from WK and each time I came back to a ridiculous amount of reviews. But I was really surprised how much I still remembered even after a 3 year break. Even ones I wasn’t sure of, I could somewhat guess a close meaning/reading of the kanji.

Personally I think the SRS system sorts it all out for you but it definitely takes some time. If anyones thinking of resetting though, try maybe just 1 level first and see how it is.

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I had a similar experience, I got stuck at level 32 and accumulated 1200 reviews, it was difficult to even make a dent because I was failing so many so they kept coming back for review. I reset one level and my reviews in queue reduced only by 50, so I reset one more and I reduced to 1000. I am not sure how this is supposed to work, I did not have a backlog two levels before (I expected pending reviews to go down significantly), but I decided not to reset any further since the result was only frustrating.

I saw your comment about organizing by level, and that was actually what helped me to manage, thanks! I started with the oldest ones, since many of them got burnt or would not come back so soon for next review. Than I did the lessons and started reviewing from the most recent levels (biting from the other end). It took me about two weeks to deal with the backlog this way, at the same time I could progress to next level because the reviews of new kanjis were not lost between all the 1000 pending.

I am not sure if resetting helped at all but clearly those most recent levels I did not memorize yet so it was OK to repeat.

My strategy now: if I approach 500 ever again I go into vacation mode until I can deal with it.