I reached level 60 and I realized that

Zoom university really sucks for the tuition fees I pay (I still have to pay for the facilities that are unused for more than a year) but anyways. I never expected to hit 60 so soon but the alternating lockdowns and restricted group sizes sure was a motivating factor.

Overall stats

I used all the reorder and undo scripts and a kana keyboard which many people would consider cheating if that matters.

Level up graph

To keep myself sane I woke up almost the same time everyday since I can’t go to the bar or somewhere. With the 7 days average I had, I would level up always the same day at the same time, so it really became a schedule to rush my kanjis every 3.5 days. I didn’t know I was that consistent of a person but the graph is mostly flat.


I used red for the heatmap because shit was on fire during the fast levels. They coincided with my zoom university summer break and renewed lockdown measures, so I probably ran out of things to do.

Workload Graph

Here is my last graph but I probably would have burnt out if WK ended at level 70, evidently from the spike at the end.

Anyways, I think I would probably sub for another year because this semester is online again…


I agree, online only and nothing changed with tuiton fees was such BS.

Grats on making it through.


Congrats, but also, where did you get that workload graph?


Congratulations, I’ll see you there in 2 weeks or so (58 tomorrow morning)


Very impressive! Especially that accuracy!

The review load towards the end, though… :sweat_smile:

Did you have to put in a lot of extra effort to get that level-up time or was it mostly because of your very good retention? Did you do in-between reviews or just relied on WaniKani’s SRS?

Anyhow, big congratulations!!!

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can you read smoothly any novel or manga now? or are you starting another srs like bunpro to understand better how to understand sentences?


Congratulations! That’s some consistency and speed!
Have some flat cake to match your flat graphs!


The icing is as thick as the cake!


This is taking away from the discussion somewhat, but I see this argument a lot.

I work at a university and I can tell you that universities aren’t saving money during these times of remote teaching. If anything, higher education finances have suffered significantly from both reduced income (lack of international students being a major factor) and increased costs (having to buy kit for everyone to be able to work from home). What savings might be made on electricity, water, etc. on campus that isn’t being used, is being lost in having to buy thousands of laptops, monitors, etc. for remote workers.

Universities also recoup costs by letting rooms out over the summer break, for example, and hosting conferences, which they have been unable to do. It’s also worth noting, as I do my cyber security bachelors part-time through the Open University which is, and has always been, fully remote learning, that tuition fees for distance learning are only about 30% less than traditional universities, but they have far lower running costs.

I hope you’ll excuse the tangent, but I feel like universities are getting a lot of negative feedback about remote teaching and lack of on campus time, but we’ve got 30,000 students, for example, how are we meant to accommodate them all on campus with social distancing and HE sector guidelines?

Yes, the teaching is entirely online over this period, but have university running costs reduced? No.


YAAAYYY. Amazing.

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Dang. 358 days?!!

Very impressive. Congrats!

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I did use other tools like Anki for my textbook vocab and to save new words I have to look up while reading. Also, I read up the next level kanji and use a self study quiz so that I can clear the kanji lessons fast in the morning for level ups. I would say the earlier levels don’t really count as I did not start from 0 for kanji knowledge, but WK certainly helped me to pick up the more obscure ones. Learning some soft rules like rendaku helped me to breeze through a lot of the kanji compounds readings.

Also, I love reading up on etymology for strange words to help them stick better. One of my favorite is the compound for paradox (矛盾 (むじゅん)). I heard of the story before in my philosophy elective but its nice to learn the word too.

There was once a man in the state of Chu, who was selling shields and lances . He was praising them saying: “My shields are so firm, that there is nothing that can pierce them.” He praised his lances saying: “My lances are so sharp, that there is nothing that they cannot pierce.” Someone asked: “What if you used your lances to pierce your shields ?” The man could not answer. A shield that cannot be pierced and a lance that can pierce everything cannot exist in the same world. Wiktionary

There are other words that also have interesting roots and make sense once you hear about them too. Like 飯 is the same word as the continuative form of 召す.

Well I can read through quite a number of mangas and games, but certainly not all. I’m still working on grammar but kanji doesn’t really scare me anymore. They have the dreaded katakana long words though, especially in fantasy.

Thanks for the insights from the university’s perceptive, I understand they already have a budget that was set before the pandemic. Just a bit of ranting from my side as my student debt accumulates :sweat_smile:.


I’ll take it as long as its not a fondant one :yum:

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