I need to fix the "H" key on my keyboard

My answer was a bit off, but unfortunately if it becomes an entire different word you are PUNISHED!

I accept my punishment.

これからもっともっと頑張りますよ! :muscle:
気合が見つかせてください! :pray:



Well, I was gonna make a joke about how your H key seems to be working just fine here, but I realised “punish” looks like, uh, something else when you omit the H, so I think I won’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha, the key works fine after all, but my hand doesn’t.

I want to use my H, but it is broken → エッチしたいけど全部壊れちゃった。

Is that correct?


What you said means “I want to have sex, but everything is broken.” エッチ means “naughty stuff/sex”.
I think Japanese would use “H” as is instead of trying to use katakana here. Although using latin “H” is often seen as an abbreviation for “sex” as well.

It would help to be clear and use “Hキー” (the key “H”), and instead of “wanting to do” the H key, you should use “使いたい” (“wanting to use”).

Finally, you don’t need 全部, you can just say 使いたいけど、壊れちゃった


That’s … interesting to know… :neutral_face:

Umm… yes its 使う I was confusing it with 入力 which goes with する.
“H” キーが壊れちゃったので、使えません.

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Pretty funny unintentional (that I thought was intentional) joke, though. :rofl:


I’ve told this story here before, but…

A non-Japanese woman who is a friend of mine speaks Japanese and used to work for the American headquarters of a Japanese corporation in New York City.

One Saturday I went grocery shopping with her at an Asian supermarket named “H Mart”. The following Monday, when one of her (native Japanese) co-workers asked what she had done over the previous weekend, she replied that she had gone shopping at “H Mart” - and immediately her co-workers burst out in laughter, thinking that she had gone shopping at “Ecchi Mart” (that is, at a sex shop).

So, even seemingly innocent language can be misunderstood, with unexpected and unplanned results.


Ah yes, the lesser-known spin-off to


That’s a show that I wasn’t previously aware of - but a quick search shows that I should be able to watch it via my Crunchyroll sub - I’ll definitely check it out…

And a quick glance at some reviews indicates that it suffers from the efforts of an extremely aggressive censor, oh well…

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Ah yes, the show that I’ve tried to watch 2 times, and never got past episode 1.

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That’s really funny xD
I think if I were to try and pronounce “H” in Japanese, I would not say it as エッチ, but rather as エイッチ.