I need some guidance, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed

I can’t remember where I read this but when also looking for encouragement regarding the daunting task of learning Japanese, they said the literacy rate in Japan is 99% and though native speakers obviously had the advantage of growing up learning Japanese, their brain is no different than yours or mine; It’s all the same hardware! So take comfort in that!

Also if you’re looking for other study resources, hop on over here to this thread: The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List! I use the Kanji Study app (for Android) to help reinforce what I learn on Wani Kani and Kanji Koohi and the Kodansha Learners Course if the mnemonics just don’t click for me.

Last but not least, pace yourself/do what works for you! Life is a marathon, not a rat race. I only learn 5 kanji every OTHER day and I find that locks things in. I can do 10-25 vocab every day depending on what I know already. When I tried going faster, I was forgetting too much. So see what pace works best for you, breathe, and know that anything worthwhile will be difficult. But you can do it!