I need help with this example sentence

The ball landed on the green in one stroke.

ボール - Ball
は (Its about the ball)
一打 - one blow
で (with)
グリーン - green
に (to)
のりました。<- ???

I don’t understand the verb.
Isn’t it 乗る for reach?

Yo. When in doubt, check an online dictionary: Jisho.org: Japanese Dictionary

3rd meaning: to reach; to go over; to pass​

Sounds like @zdennis is questioning reached vs. landed in the translation.

What is important is that when talking about a ball getting on the green in golf in Japanese, のる is used. We say “get on” the green in English as well. Many ridiculous people do that every time a pro tees off in a tournament.

Whether the translator used “landed,” he/she maybe thought that was the most appropriate word in that particular context, based on English fluency. Thinking about golf conversation, humans can reach the green in one stroke, but a ball doesn’t really “reach.” on its own. We do something to the ball and it ends up or lands somewhere. I like the translation in this case.

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I disagree that it’s 乗る

I think it’s 載る, to be placed on, to be set on

EDIT: as an aside, I play golf in Japan and I hear this verb frequently


You might have a point on that.

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