I need help, I'm addicted and in serious trouble

You could do fewer lessons. I recall hearing somewhere that if you do 5 lessons a day, you’ll level up once a month. A slow pace with a light workload, and you’d still be progressing.

Honestly WK reviews haven’t took nearly as much of my time as participating and reading this and other language learning related forums :sweat_smile:
One of the things I’ve came across and really helped me with this has been this app. It’s called Cold Turkey, and it blocks the sites that you decide for the set amount of time. Thing is, there’s no way back once you start… so if I put a 10 hour block to japanese forums (or WK, if thats your drug :wink:) I know that’s one thing I wont be doing for the day (even If I wanted too).

I have no social media participation, but of course it works for blocking those heroin like social media sites too :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’ve seen many medical school student’s use SRS apps like Anki and such too. I think setting an SRS routine for your medical studies could also be of use. I know the time and dedication I put now into curating my japanese cards to my liking and making an efficient workflow could have been a tremendous tool for me when assisting to medical school. I had no idea of such tools back then, and I can see how tangentially learning japanese has taught me to work on been efficient at learning, which in itself it’s the single most usefull thing I’ve gotten out of learning japanese :sweat_smile:


You could email Tofugu and request a self-imposed ban until your exams are over.

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Now THAT is a tantalising suggestion!! the ban might have to last for a few years though, med school ain’t joking around :exploding_head::nerd_face:

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Keep in mind that reviews only come on the hour – so if you have incoming reviews next hour, but it’s 2 minutes past the hour, you know that you have a whole 58 minutes to wait.

Also – limit your lessons. If you do only ~15 a day, you’ll still advance quickly enough without having a mountainload of reviews.

Depends on what one personally considers a “mountainload”.

Over 130 apprentice items!

Hi @ApplesForJam, maybe this needs to be addressed at the root? This was me once before (not on WaniKani but on some other thing in life, I’d rather pretend did not happen but it did) but lack of self-control on my part literally set me back several years career-wise and finance-wise. I have paid the price for this lack of self-control and looking back to where I could have been had I just had more control just pisses me off. Had I just had some control back then, I possibly could afford trips to Japan by now or to other parts of the world. I try not to dwell on these mistakes of the past but I really find them effective whenever I am in a situation such as yours. It’s funny how fast those thoughts scurry from my mind…

I understand that it’s hard when it is so easy to satisfy this immediate need but you mentioned somewhere on the comments about how you are a psychologist? Maybe you can flip it in the head (reverse psychology it) and measure success in this case as not the level of what you can do but rather what level of something you can do but chose not to (for your greater good)? I do not know the exact term for this but I hope you get my drift. I hope this does not rise to the level of you satisfying short-term gains at the expense of long-term ones.


Anyway, hope this helps (and that I did not come across as hectoring) and that you are able to handle this in the immediate future.

-inspectatoro :nerd_face:

At 15 new items per day… Considering that they’ll be gone from apprentice after 3 and a half days, even rounding that up to 4, you should never have even close to 100 apprentice items even with a couple leeches. More like 60?

Reviews will be a bit more of course, considering that the 15 new ones will appear 3 times plus the guru+ items due, which should be another 15 per SRS stage.

But I don’t see how you get 130 apprentice items at 15 lessons per day? (maybe it’s my math skills)

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