I made it to level 7!

Heya guys!!!

I made it to level 7! yayy! I am very happy to be moving past level 6, even if I have 200 lessons waiting now haha

As many of you will have noticed, I have been all over the forums lately, asking for advice and stuffs. I am just in this state where I want to focus on building vocab and grammar so I can start to talk to people, but also having to focus on my final year of university, so it’s a stressful time for sure

thanks to everyone who has helped me! i appreciate you all so so much. I am thinking of trying either katsun or jalup soon! but still not sure which haha

anyway! have a great night! see you at level 8!


7 down, 53 to go!


ファイトファイト!ダイヤになる! :smiley: :tada::partying_face:

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Hi, let’s thrive together :slight_smile:

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You should start noticing some progress very soon ! You will start understanding things like video titles or simple sentences. It feels so great !
A little advice, always have a look to what you have accomplished and never look at what´s remaining, that´s how you keep going.
Anyway congrats !!!

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Congratulations mate!
I recently restarted from 0 and I just made it to 8 today! Here how’s that going XD Obraz|430x500

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