I made it to Level 5!

Thank you so much for the tip re: the KaniWani settings! I just made that change. And I totally agree with you … the writing is important! Plus, it’s beautiful … the characters are beautiful when written with a brush or a soft tipped ink pen, don’t you think?



I love writing out kanji, though I do most of it with a pen I still get immense satisfaction from making small incremental improvements in the fluidity of writing and the shape of different radicals, and filling pages even if it is grammar material or the pseudo dictionary that is my wanikani book. I’m not much of an artist but I think Japanese is a pretty language to write.

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I currently use Bunpro for grammar and I made it a requirement to myself to write out all/most example sentences I know all the kanji on for each grammar point (which currently comes to 4-6 sentences). That way I get actual writing practice beyond moving my index finger along my palm. Plus I actually write out sentences. ^^


Grats! Now go repeat that 55 times, and don’t you give up half way.

Actually, to be exact, there are 13 short levels if I remember correctly. Only 48.5 times more. 頑張ろう。

I just made it to level 5 too!!!

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Level 5 checking in! I think I will be level 6 maybe tomorrow if I am lucky. WK stats says at this rate it will take me 3 years to reach level 60! YIKES!

skritter is an SRS, so you’re on a schedule, and it corrects you, that’s why i mentioned it :slight_smile:
it’s one of the things i’d like to do in the future though, not yet. wanikani still uses up my study time window every day, and then my commute and lunch break. no desire to make it worse :slight_smile:


I’m going to try BunPro today. Do you use the app on your phone or the application on your computer? Any tips for this? Is it worth the money or should I just try it for a month for free?




I’m still only on the trial myself, but I like it and it is easy to make bite-sized improvements, aka only going through one grammar point if time is short, or you can go through more if you have time.

I use the website on my computer, but then I’m a bad millennial who avoid my phone as much as possible. m(_ _ )m

I’m not sure I have any tips really. There are far more experienced BunPro users. Perhaps @Oshin or @Andulien or @Omun, could help you more there. :slight_smile:


Hi @robertchicago,

so the simple answer is yes :wink:

To be more precise, I personally do most of my studies of Bunpro most of the time on the Computer as you can better view the various resources that explain in depth the different grammar points where it’s not clear right away. (Especially for new lessons)

The app is ok, but I would call it Beta rather than full blown. But I do know the programmers are working on it to get all the request into the app and some things fixed. I still use it tho when I’m on the road.

The great thing is that the admins are very active on the Forum and take every request, question, bug serious and as such Bunpro is getting constantly updated with community ideas, fixes and new content.

Also if, like me, you enjoy the SRS method of studying (like here on WK), then Bunpro is definitely for you, because it works exactly like that. It gives you for each grammar point various example sentences you are quizzed on and provides links to additional resources to read up on the grammar from different perspectives and explanations.

Lastly, just give it a shot. Do the free trial to see if it fits for you, there is nothing wrong with that :slight_smile:


If you’re unsure if it’s worth the money at this time, I would definitely try the free month. ^-^ No harm in knowing the product you’re interested in paying for.

I’m going to copy-paste something I said on the BP forum for ease:

I’ve only used it on PC so far, and I think they have a dedicated app? Maybe the great @pushindawood can help there? :purple_heart:

From this individual with low grammar knowledge, it gets a recommendation :+1:


You can just use the bunpro website on your phone like you do with wanikani. I probably do the phone/PC an even split on bunpro. I don’t do lessons as often though, perhaps once every few days when I feel I need something new. I try to read out each sentence though, and you can use it for shadowing. I’ve thought about doing something for non-WK vocab and katakana words, but the thought of adding a 3rd SRS right now is too much for me. Maybe something light in the new year.


I’m shy, especially since OP put their thread in WK subforum which is set to public/crawled by search engines. I’ve just removed my 5 big fat paragraphs. @Omun and @Andulien left me nothing. I use BunPro website on a computer, iPhone, Android phones, and iPad Pro. And I have no problem with that.


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