I made it back (to where I reset when I got overwhelmed)

Soo, awhile I ago I realized I had gotten in over my head around level 13, went into the danger zone and reset to level 6. I’m BACK.

There are new things ahead! I know more now! I work slowly and don’t abuse the scripts, and my Japanese is better because of it.

This felt impossible that I’d make it back to level 13, so I’m sharing with you that resets do sort themselves out eventually, and I really didn’t mind redoing what I remembered and learning what I had forgotten.

Celebrate with me, or share stories of your resets to success in learning, or just post cat gifs. I don’t care, I’m happy and sharing :smile:


I’ve never reset, so I have no stories to share on that front. Just wanted to congratulate you, and give you a kitty fist pump of victory:


Keep up the hard work, and it’ll keep paying off!


I’ve reset twice! Wuw. :v

Once from 20something to 1, then from 18 to 1 again.

I’d say resetting is good if you value long-term more than short-term, since you’d probably get annoyed of repeating the same items again.

Right now I plan to get all the way to 60, or as close as I can at least.

It does feel good to get back to the level you were. :stuck_out_tongue:

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After years of having an on again, off again relationship with Wanikani, I reset to 15 about 6 months ago, and now I’m just about at 40. I’m not stopping this time.


Congratulations @Kazekaitou, I reset from level 23 to level 1 10 months ago. Previously, I had a queue of 500 guru items. Very few items would progress to ‘master’.

Definitely taking it more slowly now. It does not bother me to leave items untouched in the learning queue. I will take them on when I am ready. At the rate of 6-12 learning items per day, I feel more in control of the workload. About three weeks ago, I levelled up to 18 but I only started working on my 81 new items last week.

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Congrats on making it back! :high_touch:

okay :durtle_cat:







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