I made a VR app about placing kanji flash cards around a virtual room

Download Here - VR Kanji Cards - Prototype by Playing with Color

VR Kanji Cards is an Oculus Quest App about picking up Kanji and placing them in a VR “Mind Palace”. The Kanji are ordered by their frequency throughout 5000+ Japanese Novels, and there are over 3000 Kanji. This app is simply a prototype for a tool I’ve wanted for a long time.

You pick up cards from a pedestal, and place them around the environment. The environment is a simple square room with a bunch of tables.

I’d like to add more interesting environments in the future, but for now I’m not planning on working on this project further. If it gets a lot of good feedback, I’ll come back, add more to it, and work on smoothing out the kinks.


That’s cool, somehow learning in vr works great. If you keep developing this, maybe you could make it more like a quiz? Like having the meaning of a kanji on a table and then having to put the correct kanji card on it?


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