I made a mistake

Don’t know how I let myself get here. Not playing this like a game anymore. (I neglected vocab for a level and half)


It’s not too bad a mistake, your apprentice and guru count aren’t too bad. So just plan your lessons out and you shouldn’t be overwhelmed with reviews. Just take this as a learning experience and do your best to not end up in this situation again.


The reorder script strikes again…

Just try to knock out 25-35 a day. It’ll make your leveling up a bit slower, and your reviews might get a bit crazy, but the vocab will help you remember the kanji (or at least it works that way for me).

Don’t get discouraged, everyone does this at some point! And it’s kinda good you had this experience early on, you’ll remember this later in the harder levels when you’re tempted to skimp on vocab :joy:


Hey, at least you realized your mistake early!


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