I love the new lesson update, here's why

Hey guys,

I’ve been doing WaniKani since July 2021 at a very chill pace and the journey has been great so far.
When things get too intense in my life, my pace slow down, but I always manage to at least do the reviews.

This lead to me procrastinating on new lessons. I would clear a level and have a pile of vocab lessons to go through before getting to the radicals/kanji of the new level.
Seeing the number grow from 78 to 85 lessons didn’t had an impact on me as both 78 and 85 are “too much”.

Now enter the new update where it only shows you your daily lessons. This is something that works 100% for my procrastinator brain. If there’s only 5 lessons to do, awesome! If new lessons show up, my brain can process that a jump from 5 to 8 is doable.

So I did daily lessons on level 31 and here’s the result:

It was taking me from 25~35 days to complete a level, more in recent examples, and now it dropped to 11!
Let’s go!


Thanks for sharing your stats! How did you produce that graphic?

I also love the new lesson update for the same reasons. Thanks WaniKani team!

go to https://www.wkstats.com/ and add your API token

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