I love magic


My name is Eli and I am just starting to learn Japanese. I learned all the Kana’s and am now on my BROAD JOURNEY of CONQUERING THE EVIL NESTS OF THE KANJI REALM!!!

Besides this I love magic and am a card magician as well as a comic book idea-creator. Together with a friend we’re working on a comic .

Much love and hope we all find joy in our adventures!

Welcome to WaniKani!

Make sure you study grammar as well, perhaps with a textbook like Genki or something.

Also you should totally upload links to your comic when you are finished!

Thank you very much for the advice. I was wondering if I should start diving into Genki at the same time as I am working my way though the Kanji.

I will post pictures of our comic book now :slight_smile: ! The concept of the project is what is fresh about it and has never been done before. Jason Shiga has done something with combinatorics, but this plays more on the idea of combinatorics with images itself rather than outcome/story. You will see what I mean :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: !

  1. welcome
  2. WOW THOSE ARE SO COOL!!! What is the story about?
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Welcome! Your drawings are so cool, about how long does it take to complete them? Oh and I do tarot, now really sure if that counts as card magic though ^^;;

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Yeah I would recommend it.

Also yeah your drawings are very interesting. Keep us updated!

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Well, it takes me around 10 to 15 minutes to make the name for a page and then my friends (guy who does all the characters and monster and girl who does all the architecture and background) take about 40 minutes to even 15 hours to complete a page.

I come up with the idea they do the artwork.

Tarot is magic. I once played a game of imagination battle with a friend using a tarot deck and OH MY LORD it was amazing. It was as if the entire deck was playing through us, communicating with us. You should try it once.



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I will link you to some other drawings we to using this flippy floppy page drawing. Here:



We’re live! Check out how our comic book has turned out up until now, guys! Tell me what you think, critique is very welcomed and love you all!