I just took nearly 2 weeks to complete a level and I’m really happy about it

After 26 levels of going max speed I just slammed the brakes on Wanikani. My kanji knowledge was speeding ahead of the rest of my Japanese knowledge and WK was starting to dominate. With over 200 apprentice items plus a couple of kitsun.io lists on the go; things were getting unsustainable and I wasn’t really learning any Japanese.

So now I have some new rules. Go as fast a possible whilst keeping apprentice items around 120-130. No new lessons above 125 apprentice and only do lessons when it’s convenient for me. It’s great how quickly slowing down pays off. I only have so many hours in the week for Japanese study and now I can put more effort into grammar, reading, iTalki tutorials. It was good to build that base but now I need to build up my other skills.


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I also broke at 26 :exploding_head: now I’m more careful


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