I just returned after two months, lot of reviews, a lot of forgotten

I needed to rest for 2 months, after my return, I got like 800 reviews, 120 lessons. I don’t view that as much as the problem,
the fact that I remember around 40% of all the things I review is.
I used to score around 80%, it’s kinda depressing that only 2 months alone are able to make me forget almost everything.
It’s only adding on top of itself, and I don’t feel like I can recover my memory of the previous level to the point it was. I’m lost in this situation.

Just hang on. With time you will build back your knowledge and the retention will improve.

The thing is that you’re more likely to forget items that haven’t made it past Guru. So don’t worry too much about the accuracy. You just need to review the items from the last few levels. Everything before that should be good.

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