I just realized ANKI is phonetically the same word as "暗記" and that means memorization?

I can’t even escape ANKI on here!

By the way, that isn’t a joke. He literally did it out of spite.


I hear ANKI is this amazing flashcard program that uses something called SRS. I must look into this further!


I hear some user on this forum made an amazing deck or something.


you should!

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Is that Japanese too??

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These can’t all be real :joy::joy::joy:


I’ve just reached this vocab lesson, so happy right now, and i want to share my own mnemonic just for fun, dark + writing down… like you don’t actually write down physically anything but the process to memorize something is like writing down it on your mind, but the way it happens is abstract, like obscure… or dark… so memorization is a dark way to write something down on your mind.

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