I just realized ANKI is phonetically the same word as "暗記" and that means memorization?



Second chance for vocab

Ye. Was pretty neeto to find out. Less surprisingly, Houhou is also japanese.


I actually learned the word 暗記 before I heard of ANKI. Based on how it works, it didn’t feel surprising.


being a fellow level 13 I just had the same realization!


Just had that in this morning’s lesson batch - certainly makes that one easy to remember.


Why is your most recent title so poorly spelt???


Because koichi is a butt


It’s almost like people think about appropriate names before they choose them? :slight_smile:


Title? Wut’s that?


Explain wanikani then


Well, they chose that theme of just jamming Japanese words together, like with Tofugu. Choosing ones that sound good together isn’t easy.




Hold on a sec, why are you in level 6, i met you in level 60 when i was starting my journey here on jan 1st…


What no, james is new here.

Please yoroshiku him


Leebo has only been around like a week.


The only thing i have issues with wanikani is their need to make me memorize all the kanji with a reading Shi with Charlie Sheen, i didn’t know he existed to begin with


For some reason people are reading what I said as “literally every name is well-considered and appropriate.”


This made me laugh out loud, thank you


He did it for the lulz

Also yoroshiku dear novice who might hold secretly more knowledge than i could ever embrace


It was out of spite.