I just finished a JLPT N2 practice test

Thanks! I’ll let everyone here know how I found the test!


I will be taking the upcoming N2 as well! I always thought of reading as one of my, comparatively, stronger points and i still do. Yet i found the N2 reading sections harder than i would have thought.

I also think, like many fellow learners here stated already, a lot of it comes down to the format of the questions. Doing some more mock exams and sample questions helped me getting used to this more. Now i feel it should be alright.

i will still spam light novels like crazy, as i think this is a great way to improve. But ultimately struggling with the question format and such doesnt mean our reading comprehension is actually terrible. at least thats what i think.

So lets stay motivated and give our best! :slight_smile:


Good luck to you as well! We can do this!
Yes! I am trying to up my reading to as much as possible. It’s been difficult as I find that I don’t have the concentration to even read, even in English! Visual Novels have been so useful for that reason.

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I’ve been working in education for twenty years or so, and I want to make something very clear: tests like this are highly fallible and often incredibly idiosyncratic.

Your language knowledge may or may not be accurately assessed by the JLPT. There’s a good chance that what you need is not a deeper knowledge of Japanese so much as a deeper understanding of the thought and design behind this test.

I don’t know who out there is doing the work of dismantling this test to prep students, but I know that that is what most people who struggle with tests like this need.


Hey everyone! So the test went okay I guess. There was some things that I didn’t understand but I did my best and that’s all that matters. The listening was definitely my weakest and is something that I need to improve on. Now I just have to wait until September for the results XD


I agree.

I have never liked tests for language skills.

When I did the toefl exam, I got 90, but for the description of my weakest parts they were confusing and not accurate, I can make conversation, write a composition, listen to a song, watch a movie or a tv show without any subtitles.

But who checks the evaulation of my toefl score would never hire/accept me for a job or scholarship :sweat_smile:

That’s why for JLPT, I want to study following its levels and progression but not to do the exam.

As far as I could tell, the only thing it did was check a box on the admissions form when applying to University as an international student. I got like 95th percentile on my SAT but still had to sit the TOEFL.

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