I integrated Wanikani into my universal bot (Typescript)

Hi, I just wanna share that I integrated Wanikani API into my cross-platform bot. The API is very simple and pleasant to work with. Most of the work is just writing types for the API response, but it’s very straightforward so I got no problem with it.

As of now, I just make it remind me about my reviews every morning.

But I will probably integrate more features to it because it sounded very interesting. If there’s any feature you would like to suggest me do 是非是非

Here is the source code for Wanikani module if anyone is interested. Unfortunately the bot itself is not that easy to configure yet but the Wanikani part is simple enough to be copied to other projects (bonus points if you use Nest.js) .


Personally I wouldn’t want a script to tell me which item are up for review just before the review. That would prompt me to do research on these items and doing it just before the review would upset the SRS.