I Have Like Twice As Many Reviews As There Are Pokemon

Well, due to [recent events], having the time to learn Japanese suddenly seems feasible again. However, I’m returning to a shocking 97 reviews, and I’m not sure what the best strategy is for getting through that.

Only kidding. I think the credit card messed up cause my subscription lapsed, so the second I set that up again I should have (according to the ‘reviews and lesson update’ emails) at least 1,421 different items to get through.

… any tips?


Divide and conquer. :point_up: Just take it in “digestible” groups, 100 reviews at a time or something, and just be patient. がんばって!


Actually, on the topic of burned items: looking back, there are actually a good few I don’t remember. Should I go through and resurrect them now, or do that some time later?

I’d tackle the reviews first, then when you are done with those and you are ready to start doing lessons again (I’d wait until having 100 or fewer apprentice items) resurrect the items you don’t remember.

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