I Have 30 Year Old Nihongo Journal Magazines

So, I lived in Japan for 7 years in the late 80’s and early 90’s. I loved taking the train into Hiroshima every month to buy the latest Nihongo Journal Magazine and corresponding cassette tapes. Now, what do I do with the 28 magazines, 13 original cassette tapes and 12 homemade cassette tapes?
1989: 9 magazines. 1990: 7 magazines. 1992: 9 magazines. 1993: 3 magazines.
I live near Detroit, Michigan and I know that I can post them on FB Marketplace, but I have no idea of their real value and if anyone is even interested in these treasures…


Unfortunately I live on the other side of the ocean… But I’m really curious, how do they look? Mind sharing some pictures of them? :eyes: :point_right::point_left:






Those look awesome! Both because of the content, and because of the condition they’ve been kept in.

If you’re just looking for a place to sell them, the rule of thumb is: If it exists, someone has tried to sell it on ebay.


If you told me those were from 8 years ago, I’d believe you (well okay except for the guy’s fashion). It’s amazing how well they’ve held up, and most of the stuff in them is probably still really useful.


I don’t see a lot of entries for it but the few entries I have seen, combined with having previously searched for used vintage Japanese magazines in good condition, you can reasonably expect US $40-50 apiece for them, so it’ll be a nice xmas present if you can sell them all!


I have a couple of dozen copies, that I hadn’t looked at for 25 years, but recently since doing Wanikani I started rereading them, easiest way of practicing reading with not much effort! I they were published by ALC Press that used to published good grammar books. I used to have most of the the Mangajin magazines too but sadly gave them away. You can sell Nihongo J on eBay, I googled to see if there were some for sale, eBay had few priced between $36 and $42, decided I didn’t want them after all.

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