I hate monday(s)!

In japanese we learn that nouns are inherently plural and are all ‘mass nouns’.

Is that true of nouns such as 月曜日 or 6月? How could I express the sentiment that ‘I hate mondays’?

And, how can I express ‘I love the weekend’ (i.e. I love weekends)?

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If you said 月曜日が嫌い, I’m pretty sure it’d be clear you weren’t talking about any particular Monday.

I don’t know if they’d say 嫌い or 好き though.

For “I love the weekend” I just imagined someone saying 週末は最高やろう! I live in Kansai, so this is a bit Kansai-ben. Change や to だ for a more standard version.


Don’t run away from Mondays!



Yes. Like Leebo said, if you say 月曜日が嫌い, it’s clear you are talking Monday in general.
You can say 月曜日が嫌い/好き too, though I’m not sure if there is anybody who love 月曜日. lol

I love the weekend…you can say 週末大好き!/週末最高!

I’m from Kansai and I’d say 週末は最高やわ。…やろう sounds like you are kinda asking or telling somebody that the weekend is awesome instead of stating what you think.

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It’s not that all nouns are plural, so much as that plural/singular isn’t necessarily a relevant concept. Most words can be either, with the distinction based on context rather than grammar or what noun you use.

For example, if you say "月曜日にケーキを食べました”, people would generally take that as “I ate cake on (this past) Monday”. But if you say "月曜日が嫌いのよ”, they’d probably take it as you hate Mondays in general. Either way 月曜日 is the same word, but you can tell from context which is talking about a specific Monday and which is talking about Mondays in general.


Yeah, I see what you’re saying. An imaginary person told me they like weekends, so I guess they wanted affirmation from me. Have more confidence, imaginary Kansai guy!


Thanks, I’ll practice it!

hello! hate it toooooooo