I FORGET burned items!

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I don’t think the Burned concept it’s any flaw in the system… The flaw it’s not immersing enough, as these are the most common 2000 kanji. So, of course it’s only expected that if you are reading graded readers or material aimed at kids or young audiences in general, well, you will get mostly kanjis that are expected to be known up to that level only, covering for the rest with full hiragana, as it happens in children’s books, or largely furigana as with shounen material.

Eventually you’ll have to move to more adult oriented material to get a correct exposure to those other kanji, or not… I mean, depends on your goals with the language. If someone was striving at reading Yotsuba … well no need to reach and hone level 60 kanjis for that…

I actually don’t intent to sound condescending :man_shrugging:… But WK won’t really teach you more up to a certain point (which luckily I haven’t reach it yet).

I will love to see a guide on “how to wean off SRS based apps for language learners” posted here someday, as I think it’s not really clear how SRS really works (or doesn’t) in a later stage of learning.

Ok… here are some sample pages to show what I mean. I don’t have many books, an adult novel woud have been good to.

Graded Readers (level 3)




A cook book (the only adult reading I have so far :-)