I finally subscribed! and wondering how not to burn out

That’s correct, happy (late) 3 year-cakeday: WaniKani / Profile / Hanaya


You’re probably right but I don’t see myself doing over 100 items review everyday or so just yet lol

(Yes? i’ve reseted my account a few months back and i remembered most of the items so i guess this is why)


Thank you!!


There’s actually a userscript called Expected Daily which will give you an estimate of reviews/day if you want to use it to help you decide whether to speed up / slow down lessons


oh thank you! that can come handy haha
I’m still new to everything that is script related to wk but i was about to do my own researches :blush:


You are very welcome :smiley::smiley::smiley:

I think the best way to avoid burning out is:

  1. Don’t mind the time: In the long term It’s the same if you reach level 60 in 1 or in 2 years.

  2. Establish a fixed amount of work: Expressed in time or number of reviews. That will prevent you to feel overwhelmed.

  3. Keep motivated!
    Focus on your objective: ¿Why do U want to learn Japanese? Write it in a very visible place and read it every time you feel down.
    Also consider joining some group!
    May I recommend this one:
    WaniKani Study Buddy Race - 2022, All Aboard!
    There you will find very supportive buddies :wink:


I also usually have apprentice at 60, and it really doesn’t seem that slow to me. I prolly level up every 12-14 days. I feel like if Apprentice was any higher than 60 I would be spending an inordinate amount of time studying kanji that could otherwise be dedicated to language immersion.
That said, I already prolly spend too much time on reviews because I want to read context sentences for each word (either supplied or via google or something) to get a feel for the word each time I review it.


Wohoooo Congrats!!!
I personally use the start small mindset to keep my self going. What that means to me is that I set my daily goal sooooo low that I might as well just do it real quick. For me that goal is: “I will at least open Wanikani once a day and do any amount, 1 sec, 1 min… doesnt matter.” What I like about this is, I dont feel bad if I dont work on much on any particular day. However, the beauty of it is that once I start I tend to do way more than just my tiny little goal. It also makes it easy mentally to start real quick and do a short session even if I know I will have to stop really soon.
I dont know if this works for everyone but it works for me. I love to leverage my 15 minute gaps.

In a nut shell… you dont have to finish every time you start… you just have to start and see where that takes you. HAVE FUN!!!


Thank you so much for all these tips!! I will check this group :wink:

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i understand how you work but i have enough time and am eager enough to have them up to 100 but not much more lol
I should check the context sentences more often! thank you for replying :blush:

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thank you so much!!
I think i’ll use this mindset for the bad days, right now im all about learning as much as i can but i know it won’t last so this is a great idea :blush:

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use scripts!

without them, I would have quit WK a long time ago :laughing:

I recommend the following:

show context sentence

kanji review vocabulary list

vertical reviews (great to train your brain to read manga)

anki mode (this is mandatory for me since I type all day at work, in the end of the day my hands hurt, I couldn’t type answers for 180 daily reviews)

and dont be late for grammar as I did, I only started grammar after level 30 her ein WK, I use bunpro and I am halfway through N3, but I should have started it sooner.


I should really try that, I’ve been doing it before bed and some days I do really bad because I’m tired or get really easily distracted (currently have my reviews in another tab lol)

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I almost burned myself out on purpose. I’m not really going 100% anymore, more like 90% ish.

Always have some leeway when studying. Don’t give it 100% every single day, more like 80% should be doable, so the days were you’re not really feeling it, you’ll still able to carry through. The problem occurs when you give it 100% every day and then something happens and you get a massive backlog of reviews.

Also always pay attention where you are at mentally, you don’t want to find yourself starting to slip. It’s better to back off and just do reviews for a bit and then catch up on the lessons later.

Always pay attention.


Yeah, that’s mainly the reason behind it, I don’t like organised review sessions, because I’m getting 150-200 reviews a day, and I don’t have the patience to sit through a third of that even in one sitting without getting completely distracted


that’s why i like to do my reviews in groups of 10. It’s a short burst of time to focus. Then when i’m done 10 and i’m still feeling it…i do another 10. If my accuracy sucks…i let my brain do what it wants…then try to come back for another 10. I can get through a lot of reviews in 10 bite increments…


As to advice about how to get there without burning out?
I think making it a daily habit is key. But with that…you have to start slow and find your particular sweet spot. By this I mean…you need to start slow, even painfully slow. But make sure you clear your reviews twice a day. You can let your lessons pile up…but not reviews. If you are easily and comfortably clearing your reviews and are bored…do some lessons…but easy does it…keep increasing the amount of lessons per day until you hit a groove where you can easily clear your review pile twice per day. If you get overwhelmed, (and you might when the burn reviews start coming hard and heavy) stop lessons and only focus on reviews until you feel in control again. (With this I would add that if your clearing your reviews but your accuracy is dropping below 85% you also need to pause lessons until your accuracy comes back up or apprentice items will start to accumulate)
It may seem counterintuitive to say the way to avoid burning out is to come here everyday twice per day…but I’m also saying to keep those sessions at a level of time that is reasonable for you.
Wanikani is very much like a marathon…and you wouldn’t train for a marathon by going too hard too fast right out the gate and then randomly training here and there and stopping your training when life gets in the way. You have to have a plan of attack and find a way to make the training fit in with life because life keeps happening. I mean, you can decide not to train sure…but then accept that you won’t finish the marathon doing that. If it means that much to you, make it a priority. I don’t mean quit your job to just do Wanikani…I just mean, find the time to show up everyday and do the work and you WILL find you have mastered 2000 kanji/6000 vocab.
Now I’m not a monster, If life is really kicking the crap out of you and you can’t focus well self care is important too…but if you must take a short break…please…I beg you…put your account in vacation status so that you don’t undo all of your hard work by coming back to an insurmountable pile of reviews…you just want to be able to pop it back into gear and get going where you left off…good luck.


thank you so much!! will try them asap :blush:

Thanks a lot for this detailed reply :blush:
yes i really plan on making it an habit and use wk at least twice a day :slight_smile:
I will take my time and train for this marathon, i’m ready :muscle:
Thanks again and good luck to you too for the few remaining level you have before level 60 :smiling_face:


I, too, subscribed. But that was years ago and I quickly burned out with all of the reviews piling on each other. I decided to return and to finally give it a real chance. One way I’m going to do this is to:

  • Set aside 2 specific periods during the day
  • Work furiously and conscientiously on my reviews during those 2 periods.
  • If I’m not done within my scheduled period time limit, I simply walk away
  • Continue during the next period.
    I hope I have the discipline to stick to this plan.

yeah…bit of a loquacious fox. sorry. synopsis. Show up, find your groove, win.
You are absolutely right by saying lots of other people have done it. It’s just a matter of effort and time and you will get there too.