I Finally Finished! Thank you WK!

Just under 3 years later, I’m so proud to say I’ve finally finished WaniKani! This has been an immense journey full of ups and downs, and I have so many thoughts on my journey and its results that I couldn’t resist making one of these threads that everyone seems to like to make.

Before Wanikani

I joined Wanikani only 4 minutes into learning Japanese, so I can’t say that very much happened beforehand. I know it was 4 minutes because I was procrastinating learning Arabic when I decided to look into learning Japanese. The first video that came up mentioned Wanikani at the 4 minute and 13 second mark, and I instantly signed up before even knowing what the site was. The rest is history.

During Wanikani

At first, Wanikani was a huge struggle. This was mainly down to having no clue what I was doing, given I literally didn’t know the first thing when it came to Japanese, but I quickly learned the entire language, so my review sessions got easier. They were still a struggle though, since as much as I love this site, there are numerous bugs. The biggest being the infamous じゆう bug, where WK can’t seem to understand that the correct reading for 十 is じゆう. There were a few other annoyances along the way too, but that’s all water over the bridge.

Scripts and tools

No scripts used, but I did use a hammer one time after making a typo on a burn review. That’s the only tool I have used.

Other materials

  • The best resource I found was this one guide made by a very well known user, I’m sure you all know the one I’m talking about. He’s very handsome too.
  • A lot of anime, dubbed of course.
  • Dogen videos on mute. I can’t stand the sound of the weird language he speaks in his videos.
  • The pictures in Japanese learning textbooks that I see in the bookstore before the staff spot me and kick me out again.
  • A blend of 96% Cotton, 3% Polyester, <1% Asbestos.

After Wanikani

Now that I’ve beaten Wanikani, I feel like this is where my Japanese learning journey has come to an end. I may play Dark Souls next, I’m not sure though.


Percentage right: 100.2%


Of course I have to give thanks to everyone that has helped me along the way. It was a tough journey so these people really helped me when I felt like all hope was lost. I couldn’t have done it without them:

  • Me


Thank you for reading my thread, and thank you for making my WanKani experience such a great one!

aaaaaaaaand Happy April Fools!


congratulations!!! You must’ve worked so hard!! I’m so happy for you though, you should take a vacation from learning for a bit I mean wow 100.2% accuracy?!

Although I’m sorry but I think I have to correct you on something because I’m really against misinformation being spread around.

I found that a better material for learning Japanese was the 95% Cotton, 4% Polyester, <1% Asbestos blend rather than anything else. I see this happen a lot and it’s a common mistake so don’t feel too bad! You still got there though so hey who cares! Just thought I’d point it out for future users who may want to follow your footsteps.

But again, congratulations!!

Oh yeah I really love that guide! :heart: It helped me get through the giant pile of reviews around level 38!


Congratulations on making it to level 1 60 so fast, I’m pretty sure you set a new speed record :grin:

I laughed harder than I should have at this. :grin:

And happy April fools to you too :grin:




I find this quite effective to correct mistakes.


this made me laugh a lot.
i thought you reset and believed until

well done!

told the kids confinement rules means easter egg hunts were cancelled… they did not find it funny at all. go figure.


i was expecting this post :joy: :joy: :joy: thank you!! u did not disappoint :joy: :joy: :joy:


Had us in the first half ngl


I hate this type of gatekeeping that is synonymous with the Japanese learning community.

Why can’t anyone understand that it’s perfectly fine to have 96% cotton and 3% polyester? Yes, having 1% more cotton will result in taking a long time for the material to be used, but at the same time the end result is still the same!

To anyone reading this, it’s okay even if the material is a blend of 97% cotton, 2% polyester and <1% Asbestos in my personal opinion. What matters most is the journey, not the destination


And it’s the only tool you’ll ever need :3


When I opened up this thread and saw you’re level 1:


You should have used this thread instead


I got rickrolled!:sweat_smile:
I should have known better after getting rickrolled so many times by Kumi but I fell into the trap…

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I seriously thought you had reset to level 1 until I reached the

Happy April Fools to you too :hugs:

You made me facepalm myself. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I thought it was obvious actually, lol

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Well it was now that I think of it but I am probably reaaaally stupid…

Omg I’m dying, this entire post is just gold!!


Nah, four other people clicked

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Now u can read nhk web without furigana.

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Dang how could my record already be broken? :stuck_out_tongue: