I finally broke my record!

So I’m someone who has a hard time sticking to one thing, I’m always moving on from one thing to another like a butterfly, getting intensely interested in a topic then losing interest in a few days/weeks. The exact same is applicable to Wanikani.

I’ve been a member since late 2017 and I’ve reset my account no fewer than three (I actually think four but I’m not sure) times, never making it beyond the first 3-4 levels before getting overwhelmed with other work, moving onto another part of Japanese to study, or just plain losing interest. Until now!

I finally completed level 5/reached level 6 and have broken my record that I reached like over a year ago. Now obviously this isn’t that far in the grand scheme of things, but it’s been a huge obstacle for me in the past. Not only that but I’ve no longer been relying on motivation, instead to drill myself into a routine of doing my reviews everyday, and keeping my apprentices under 100 so I can manage them better. Finally learning some more useful kanji and vocabulary is a big boost, as well as having a decent bank of vocabulary now that I see in the wild. The fact that all this information is sticking is quite frankly amazing to me.

Anyway apologies for the wall of text! I’ve just been trying to be more active on the forums and finally getting past this, I just felt like I had to tell somebody.

Good luck on all your reviews!


Congratulations on achieving your personal goal! Keep it going and you’ll make it.

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Congrats!!! :tada:

I completely understand what you mean. I’m always going from one hobby to the next and never really staying with any of them. (That’s kind of why I still haven’t gotten a yearly or lifetime sub yet, because I’m still not sure I’ll stick with it that long.) We should make a Butterfly club of people who flit from one thing to the next, hmm… :thinking:

Anyways, I’ve found having this heatmap installed has helped in keeping me coming back, actually, I think I just like the colors and the proof of how long I’ve kept with it. Yeah, so… yeah. Keep at it fellow :butterfly:.


@Jzon Thank you!

@Weirdmind It’s good to know other people are in a similar boat! I’m all for a club haha
Thanks for the kind words and the API, I’ll be sure to use it as motivation!

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