I fell behind - most efficient way to re-accelerate?

I was on vacation and just didn’t have time to do as many new items per day as I had done. I kept up with reviews as they were presented, fortunately. It took me 26 days for level 9 compared to a prior reliable pace of around 13 days. I don’t need to “make up” the time, but I want to make sure I get back on pace. The lessons WK presents me now seem to be all vocab from 9 and obviously I won’t make much headway on 10 if I just follow this. Should I just use lesson picker and select mostly new radicals and kanji to get a good start on 10? I’ve been struggling with doing it this way then having a backlog of older vocabulary… Maybe I just need a bigger brain?


Well, I have let my lessons lag behind a bit, so nowadays, WK always suggests a few levels back vocabulary first. I do those lessons but whenever I level up, I use lesson picker to do the new radicals and kanji first wricat

However, different people are different, so maybe for you it would be better to just concentrate on tackling up the vocab lesson pile first. Or maybe not. The important thing is to keep doing the reviews and some lessons every day. Then, even if you would slow down the leveling pace, you would still be learning new material and moving forward.

Anyway, best of luck with catching up!


I stopped doing big batches of radicals/kanji right when I get them, for this very reason. I use the lesson picker and do 20-25 lessons a day (unless I reach my apprentice limit number), mix in about 10 old vocabs, 3-5 radicals, 5 kanji and sometimes new levels vocabs. This paces the rate in which new vocabs lessons pile up, and prevents a backlog.


You did everything right!

I personally think that more vocab backlog is generally a good thing because WK tends to introduce a lot of vocabulary for a given kanji on the same level, and by spreading that out you get exposure to that kanji over a longer time span which is a good thing, at least in my experience.

But more generally: it doesn’t really matter. In five years when you reflect upon your Japanese language learning journey, do you think that spending 10 more days on a WK level will feel significant? Aim for the long term, find a routine that works for you and stick with it.

As such do whatever feels more comfortable and don’t really worry about the minutiae of WK levels. For instance if you do 10 lessons every day you’ll end up on level 30 in a little over a year. That’s all that really matters.


Thank you for the perspective. It’s always helpful to hear how other people make a system work!

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Thanks for the reply and perspective. You’re absolutely right about the long view. I’m just doing this for fun and interest so any goals I have are entirely self-imposed. I just like to ask every now and again to make certain I’m not being needlessly inefficient or have missed some tip or tool.