I feel like red is wrong color for the logo

Red is an aggressive colour… and it just doesn’t match with anything on the entire site so it really looks out of place. Have you tried it in the pink?


I kind of agree. Not necessarily because of red being aggressive, but because pink would match the theme of the rest of the application.


none of this matters, friends. we’re still out here learning kanji


I think the new logo is great personally but it definitely doesn’t go well with the aesthetic of the rest of the site, looks out of place.


Yeah the red looks pretty serious. Before it looked more lax, like a fun place where you chill around and happen to learn Kanji while you’re there. But as i write this down I come to realise maybe the WK main page is supposed to radiate some serious vibes. The community logo is unchanged after all.

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Don’t jinx it. :eyes:

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Y… you’re an aggressive colour.

Oh, I don’t doubt that this is intended to be a progressive rollout. The website now matches the beta iOS app, sooo…


I made a copy of the logo with pink for my own use. Anyone using User CSS, feel free to link to it. Just add this to your User CSS:

.logo__link {
    background-image: url("http://kurifuri.com/files/usercss/logo-wk.png")

Looks very nice

Hey look it actually got changed! Looks good thanks! :slight_smile:

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Y-You look very nice!

What beta iOS app? Is it a PWA or is there a TestFlight code somewhere…?

Exactly. What color is kanji on WaniKani? Oh yeah, pink.

It’s a TestFlight thing, but invites came via the Durtle Heaven puzzle.

I’m glad the colors went back. Love the new logo, though! No real comment on the rest of it, I’m fine with it all.

I am here because I like the site design and user experience. If I would not care about that, I could just as well use Anki.

(edit: don’t get me wrong, I love Anki; I just like WaniKani more for learning kanji; and that’s because the site gets a lot of details right)


Too bad. :cry:

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