I feel like I hit a wall

For a week, I have tried repetitive listening of youtube videos that I watch. While working, on the background I listen to videos 5-6 times over and over. At each listening, I catch different words, I miss previously catched words etc. After a few repetitions, I feel like understanding better each time. Repetitive listening works very well for me.

Also I found that German speaking Japanese is most understandable one for me. Cathy from “Ask Japanese” channel.

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Oh wow, cool, you’ve actually taken the advice! Cool to hear it’s helping you!

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I’ve been looking into visual novels as a learning tool, stuff like Steins;Gate Elite, which (apparently) have full japanese dubs and the option for japanese/english subtitles. There isn’t much point going into it without a core vocabulary but maybe this is good for your level.

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