I feel i learn nothing

Probably it is more like this one.

Not really this one.

In my eyes, it’s not about more repetitions, but whether any initial practical memory starts at all. Secondarily, early stages may be helped by more repetition, but once it has gotten past “ignition”, 4-hour of Wanikani works well.

Self-Study should work well for ignition. I don’t spend much time each items, but give some short time to use or make a hunch. If fails, repeat. (In some ways, it is better to rely on, and revise, your own’s, other than someone else’s mnemonics, for this matter.)

What works well for me, at the beginning of the level, is giving less hint to recall, while also reducing the scope. So, EN => JP quiz, and audio quiz, work well. (and both aren’t native Self-Study, but script’s) (and I won’t need this one if I don’t have low accuracy)

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