I don't like shocking mnemnonics. Should I continue?

Not common enough for my taste. In fact, I think the only shocking thing I found last time was “poop” for radical 幺 (“short thread” in other resources)

I suggest making up your own mnemonics if you don’t like WK for some reason(including them being so silly, that it’s impossible to remember). Or just google for mnemonics. I like this one

If you hold ONE finger horizontally for too long it will start to ITCH (イチ).

It’s so short compared to WK’s novel.


Thanks for the support man. I guess getting flamed and trolled for ‘‘unpopular opinion’’ should be expected anywhere on the internet, even on a relatively civil forum like this one


Haha, I guess there will always be people who want less of something and others who want more of it. But yeah, I guess I should probably make up my own. It’s just that it’s kinda hard to remember onyomi readings and make mnemonics for them. I’ll have to see what the best approach for me is.

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I don’t have too strong of an opinion on the whole situation, but I’m not sure the first response was really “flaming.” It’s true that it wasn’t constructive, and it was blunt, but he didn’t insult or say anything offensive.


“Lying on the ground is something that looks just like the ground, the number One. Why is this One lying down? It’s been shot by the number two. It’s lying there, bleeding out and dying. The number One doesn’t have long to live.”

Good gods if that messed you up, wait till you hear about how seven ate nine Σ(°△°|||)︴


@JohnSmith did you also have such an ‘‘effortless’’ experience with the kanji readings? I tend to find that much harder than remembering the English meaning for a kanji. But I guess the whole point of this website is that you just need to review it a lot and will remember things just from making mistakes and getting it repeated later

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@WolfEriksson Haha it was actually more about the whole blood in your face thing.

@Leebo There’s a fine/thin line between ‘‘flaming’’ and being blunt. In any case, it was a completely useless reply.


I did yes and at the end of the day the more you do the more you can do fam. It’s starts you off verrrrrrry easy I’d suggest getting to lvl 3 before making a decision on it all. If the ones that are very few and far between get you down or just don’t do it for you I’d suggest that you feel free to make up your own mnemonics. I’ve known a few people to do that when they’re learning kanji usually by hand but don’t see why it wouldnt work here:) I know Abroad in japan did a vid on such thing if you wanna check that out.


Well, some of WK mnemonics are indeed “shocking”, though there are only a few of them. Most mnemonics are normal. Anyway, if you are afraid of shocking mnemonics, you can just not look at the mnemonics at all. Personally, I mostly make my own mnemonics for myself.

Even if you don’t use mnemonics, WK is still a great app for learning kanji. In any case, I’d recommend you to at least finish the three free levels - then you’d have a better understanding of WK and would be able to make better decision as to whether it’s for you or not.

I hope you’ll decide to stay with us, but regardless of whatever you choose, best of luck with your studies!


What this person said xD A better version of what I was trying to convey lmao


Thanks! I will definitely keep trying especially after reading the helpful comments here. I really benefit from a ‘‘gamified’’ system like this and I will most likely continue with it


Welcome to WaniKani! 34 posts in here, and somehow we’ve managed to avoid the obvious. Please poke around the radicals and judge for yourself whether you’re okay with them: WaniKani / Radicals. Cheers!


you should create your own mnemonics. stories of previously good known items help alot.
welcome by the way…


OP’s simply trying to determine whether or not the content does fit with their ideals.


Speaking of that, @lantonito, I think the content of WK can be read freely. I feel you would get a better sense of what mnemonics are used here by just poking around and checking a couple of the mnemonics from higher levels. Hopefully, it will give you a good idea of what lies ahead, and then you can decide for yourself if it’s palatable for you :slight_smile:
(Full disclosure: I used 0 mnemonic, so I really don’t know).


What are you trying to achieve exactly with this comment? I would politely suggest that your entire comment is a waste of time.

More seriously: you’re one of the guys entirely missing not only the point of this thread but also that it’s been answered/solved in satisfactory ways by people who are NOT aggressively replying like you did but simply contributing something to the discussion and leading me the way.


Thanks, one of the things I learned from this thread is that several people don’t seem to use the mnemonics offered, which made me realise it’s more an optional feature than it seemed at first (even though there were also two people arguing the mnemonics are an integrated part of WK’s method)


I am yet to be shocked by them - except for how shockingly bad some of them are :sweat_smile:

Some of the ones I’ve created myself on the other hand - they are definitely NSFW :exploding_head:

I think as you get deeper into the levels you can rely less on the provided mnemonics anyway.

#latetotheparty :roll_eyes: :sweat_smile:

edit - I forgot to say GOOD LUCK whatever you decide. I think you should give it a go and try your best to ignore the ones you find shocking gruesome (or useless) :slight_smile:


I had almost forgot this ! haha :slight_smile:


Just have in mind that WK also includes Vocab that can be and have been seen as vulgar by some people here, 金玉(testicle) is one example.
I don’t know if that would be a problem for you, I personally don’t mind.

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