I did the thing: An (apparently not so) brief level 60 post

Congratulations! You should be proud of this accomplishment (:

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Congrats :tada: :smiley:

I spent like a day writing and rewriting my 60 post. You always find out you have more to say than you thought.


Well, I keep running out of likes, so I’ll need to keep returning here as I get my likes back to like everybody’s replies. I’m very grateful for the outpouring of congratulations and support. This is a truly wonderful community, the best on the internet for sure! :grin:

I am really impressed that you can sit down and do that many reviews at once, and then follow it up with Anki right after. It was hard to convince myself to do reviews early on when I had to do them in large groups because my focus would want to wander after a while. When I list the schedule like I did above, it makes it sound like I’m Spartan and rigid and dedicated…but my secret is that I’m really just lazy and found it easier to do several smaller batches of reviews through the day :shushing_face:

Thank you for the congratulations! I’ve always enjoyed chatting with you in the book clubs even if sometimes that’s few and far between :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ,and I look forward to continuing to do so! :grin: At your pace, it won’t be much longer until you have your own level 60 post to write, eh? As for practical reading ability, I have a bit of catching up to do in that department. My “want to read” list still far exceeds my “ability to read” list, but I’ll get there!

ありがとうございます!こちらこそ、よろしくお願いします! :grin:

Ahaha! I love it! Thank you very much! :smile:

Thank you! I feel the same way! That grammar detective work was definitely a major catalyst for my learning, and I really do appreciate it! I’m sure we will see each other a lot! I plan on getting into more of the higher-level book clubs now, especially since the next pick in the BBC is a light novel with 夜カフェ having won the vote! Gives me the perfect excuse to join, since those are my next target for more reading! :grin:

That cake is perfect! 大好きだよ!I’m especially fond of the cracker/cookie? in the upper right that says 高木さんめ. :joy:

I wish I could give it a heart right this second. Two more hours and then I’ll have another handful of likes…

Dear WaniKani, regarding the number of likes I have:

Thank you so much! It looks like you are fairly close to the same! 頑張ってくださいね! I’ll be looking forward to your own post! :grin:

Thank you very much! That’s definitely the truth. The post turned out much longer than I initially expected, and honestly, I still feel like there is more I could add as I think about it, especially since I did, at one point, intend to talk more about what I plan to do next. Thankfully, the little discussions with folks in the comments here seems to be covering anything I could want to add, so I figure it’s fine to leave those thoughts there instead of rambling on in the main post! :sweat_smile:


Huge congratulations :tada:
Reaching level 60 is a massive achievement, and doing it in <2years is impressive!

Thank you for running it! This club was the the one where I really felt myself make the shift from “deciphering” to “reading”, and I’m thankful to you for making that possible :slight_smile:

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Wow! What a reply. just got back on this morning, let me read through and reply lol

Thank you so much for the congratulations! :grin:

It’s truly my pleasure to run the club! Between you, me, and the entire internet (given that this is a public forum), it was mild selfishness that led to me running it. I could feel the same progress that you describe regarding the switch from “deciphering” to “reading,” and I was eager to carry that on after the club originally ended to try and extend that feeling! I’ll be eternally grateful to @Phryne (who really should have gotten a mention earlier!) and all the folks at the Absolute Beginner’s Book Club for picking some truly excellent manga to learn with!

Honestly, between Ayumu and Takagi-san, I should probably send 山本先生 a card and some fan mail thanking him for writing such accessible and enjoyable manga for learners! :joy:

Also…still another hour until more likes :pensive:


This is really helpful, thank you! It helps when another ( albeit mure experienced) person give me tips. I’m trying to get my body in rhythm and study every day, I’ve just built bad habits of only studying at work, because I have lots of time ther.e lol
Good luck to your future studies, and again thank you for the knowledge! :slight_smile:

I’m glad you found it helpful! It honestly feels a bit odd being called “more experienced”. While it’s technically true, I still feel like a baby when it comes to learning Japanese, but I guess I’m now nearly two years in and doing a decent bit of reading, so somehow that’s no longer the case. Jeez, time sure has flown! :joy: Best of luck to you, as well! You got this!


Lol. I bet the last two years went by really quick, huh? :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to being able to pick up a book/manga and be able to understand most of whats happening. I’m currently aiming to be at at least level 30 by the end of the year, but in order to do that I’m going to have to seriously pick up the pace lol

I appreciate the kind words.


I feel you. I’m lazy too about most things, just have a strangely strong desire here. I had one very bad false start at Japanese where I did almost nothing many years ago, so unlike the way you tentatively started, I pretty much made myself get absolutely certain I could stick with this before I started this time. And I’m more bugged by having a thing hanging over me through the day so knocking the reviews out early, even if anki is a bit of a drag by the end, means I know I’ve done what I need.

Hopefully soon I’ll take the time to catch up on Ayumu at least, don’t want to actually drop out; I do miss you all :crossed_fingers:

And yeah, at least thus far, the plan is to stick it out all the way through WK. Though since I’m able to read (to some degree, heh) and already drowning myself in SRS, I don’t think I’ll speed up the fast levels at all, so it’ll still be a while into this year before I join you at 60.

Hope your cheesecake is good!


Well, I got some more likes… But only 2. 足りないなぁぁ!

Just noticed as I went back to like posts, that I somehow missed responding to this post! Thank you for the cheesecake (wow, if you want to see a stellar example of bizarre grammar mistakes for a native to make, check out the edit history for this phrase…) and the congratulations, but thank you even more for the conversations in the Sentence thread! :grin:

It didn’t feel like it at the time, but looking back, they certainly did!

Picking up a manga is always great, and I would always advocate for input sooner over later, but I understand that some folks don’t like the level of ambiguity, or the looking up and deciphering that early reading inevitably is. I think waiting until level 10 (like you mentioned in your original post) is a great idea to make those initial ugly lumps a little more manageable to take!

Well, like I said, I admire the tenacity and persistence it takes to be able to do it! Well done!

I certainly hope to see you in there soon! :grin:



I’m honored! And really though, all of that (apart from cheerleading for WK levels :wink: ) goes both ways! I’ve started to study a lot more vocab since meeting you, and I’m learning a ton from our chats. I’m really enjoying our conversations. Super glad we met in the book club here!

Congratulations on reaching level 60!


Thanks a lot, I appreciate it! Congrats on reaching level 60!

For anyone who wants a condensed alternative to my usual ramblings in threads like Short Grammar Questions, and doesn’t mind a guy (me) randomly mouthing off about how he sees Japanese grammar, I hope it’ll be helpful in some way. Here’s a link to today’s Tweets if anyone’s interested:

(There’s a second Tweet in the replies that includes a table of the written forms of だ and である.)


Nice, welcome to the 60 club :partying_face:


Congratulations, great overview. On a similar path, hitting reviews a few times a day around work schedule. I noticed your review times are shorter (more efficient) than mine. Was there anything you found to make your reviews focused? For me the meanings usually comes quick, the readings are slow.


As I got into it a bit more, I imposed a pretty harsh rule on myself that if I couldn’t come up with an answer within 5-10 seconds, I intentionally failed the item. This is because I want my Japanese recognition to match my English reading speed in the long-term, and it felt like a way to start achieving that. It was a little rough when I first started it, but it worked out great. This also had the effect of speeding up reviews in general once I no longer failed items so much.

One way that helped with getting that recognition up was to read the item out-loud when initially doing lessons, and whenever I failed an item. It just added an extra layer and gave my brain something else to latch onto for memory purposes.

Those are the only things I can really think of that might have helped. I’m pretty strict about people leaving me be at breaks at work (otherwise I wouldn’t actually get my breaks, I would be chasing down some problem or another for somebody), so I was able to focus on the reviews without those distractions. The slowest moments would be when I was eating, and would look away from the screen to take some bites or something before looking back, but I always made sure to not progress an answer if I were going to do that so I couldn’t “cheat” my 5-10 second rule.

If the readings are slowing you down the most, I would suggest trying the reading out-loud during lessons and failures method, and see if that helps you any.

Also, just noticing this is your first post on the forums, so welcome to the community! Everyone here is lovely, and there are tons of incredibly smart people here who likely have better advice than me! :grin:


I use a similar approach for my Anki reviews and I think it’s the way to go. By being more strict with reviews you increase the rate at which you see the item and that helps.


Congratulations! Heres hoping for more success/progress through your Language learning journey.

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Thank you for the congratulations!

I’m honored to be your first post on the forums in six months. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously, though, I feel the same! Incredibly happy we met! I’m also incredibly grateful for the much-needed push you’ve given me to leave my comfort bubble to improve myself! You’re the best! :grin:

Thank you for the congratulations! And thank you for the work you’re putting into the grammar series! The way you break things down is very easy to grasp, and while you’ve yet to touch on anything that’s particularly new to me, I love reading the way you see the grammar. It’s interesting! I certainly wish it had been around when I was still learning some of the stuff you’ve touched on already! :laughing:

Thank you very much! :grin:

Thank you! And likewise! I wish you the best of luck on your journey!


Grats. It’s a weird feeling when you’re spending less and less time on reviews.