I did the thing: An (apparently not so) brief level 60 post

Thank you so much for the congratulations! :grin:

It’s truly my pleasure to run the club! Between you, me, and the entire internet (given that this is a public forum), it was mild selfishness that led to me running it. I could feel the same progress that you describe regarding the switch from “deciphering” to “reading,” and I was eager to carry that on after the club originally ended to try and extend that feeling! I’ll be eternally grateful to @Phryne (who really should have gotten a mention earlier!) and all the folks at the Absolute Beginner’s Book Club for picking some truly excellent manga to learn with!

Honestly, between Ayumu and Takagi-san, I should probably send 山本先生 a card and some fan mail thanking him for writing such accessible and enjoyable manga for learners! :joy:

Also…still another hour until more likes :pensive: