I did the bad bad thing... and torched my level

Now I’m a cute little 2. I’m pretty bummed about it, but it needed to be done, and there’s only one way to go from here… UP!

Maybe being on the forums more will help keep me on the path. How do you guys use the community to help keep you motivated?

The site got so nice and shiny while I was away!


I’m a little confused as to why you are bummed about being Level 2? Did you have to start over again?

Anyway, I check the forums everyday. It definitely does keep you motivated and at least you will know others going through the same things as you. I personally really like the Shiritori game. It keeps me thinking and I have to come up with the word on my own to respond. It is a good way to recall what you have learned. I am not far enough along in grammar to read some of the full Japanese language ones, but if it’s in my language, I totally check it out!

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I mean… technicallyyou could go to 1. :no_mouth:

I use the community to keep motivated by being here all day, every day, posting everything and everywhere, and doing all my reviews when I can, while talking to the people here. :smiley:

I reset twice before, so don’t mind that too much! Things happen. :smiley:


Maybe try joining one of the Race to 60 threads (you’re allowed to set a less ambitious goal). You get to edit your progress and talk level up strategy and complain in there.

Also the Japanese Language (beginner only) threads are really good at holding your hand through the language.

Also you can use this thread as your place to celebrate your own successes as well.

Also, ask frequent questions about grammar that you come across, or just read all the threads in the Language section. Join a book club.

Or lose countless hours browsing Campfire. If you’re on here enough you’ll start to notice when people level up, too, so that is motivating. And read all the level 60 celebration threads for some handy tips.

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