I did 69 lessons and wrote a trilogy

What do you do if you are addicted to gamification, depending on the levels for motivation, have little time, and are far behind schedule? You cheat. Then you write about it, cheat some more, write again.

Now I do roughly 100 sloppy reviews and 10 lessons a day in about 30 minutes. I just passed level 30 and I’m keeping up.

Introducing yet another

…and asking for your feedback once more!

If you haven’t read my previous articles yet, here are the links:
Just kidding. That’s behind us. A doge knows but to improve and advance!

PS: If you’re curious, my fake level is 30 but my real level is more like 19-20.

1000+ lessons


Glad to see you’re still at it! I haven’t kept up with doing my 7-day levels, and I can totally feel motivation to move at pace has become a bit lax. Well, that and I just got busy nearer the end of the year.

How’s learning neuroscience coming along?

Edit: As you’re asking for feedback, here’s my opinion. I like your idea to stick with current level vocab lessons, rather than plumbing the depths back to level 17. Makes sense to have them co-occuring with their respective lesson. Whether or not you’re doing enough vocab each time to have high recall of all the readings is another thing.

Back when I was doing 7 day levels I held myself to a constant 25 lessons per day, and if it wasn’t a radical/ kanji day it was a full 25 vocab. Just wondering if holding yourself to doing some, smaller, minimum level of vocab lessons mightn’t be a good idea?

I remember you and I remember how these threads go.
Glad to see you’re still sticking with this though.


Thanks, exactly why I have this strategy. Did you read the piece? I’m actually keeping up with current vocabulary employing a ‘hole in the middle’ strategy. Essentially I’m pausing the levels ~20-27 indirectly.

I’m still into Neuralink, but my focus is more divided now since I got access to GPT-3. Been building with it.

I’m trying to keep it at 0 tox. The title is a bit cheeky but not baity and I’ve done a 180 on my writing style too :slight_smile:


Did you go via the waitlist form for GPT-3 access, or some work around? I’ve been out of commercial NLP for a year so I’m a bit out of touch as how easy it is to get access and how quick it happens.

Yeah I read your article and thought it was the best so far. The strategy is pretty clear. I’m interested to see if it works out for you. But I get the feeling you’re not so concerned about your reading level at the end of level 60, so I’m not certain what your measure of success will be?

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So I’ve had time to read the article and think upon the strategy here.
Probably the best so far, there’s definitely merit to introducing yourself to radicals and kanji and then slowly bringing up the vocab.
I still feel there’s the problem of gamification for the sake of gamification, and I’ll explain; I’ve mentioned RTK before, and this kind of feels like that mixed in with the order that WK wants to teach you Kanji, and making a strong enough connection could probably be worth it doing this way.
For myself however the gamification of WaniKani comes from seeing my burn numbers go up , and having 0/0 in lessons and reviews. I don’t think i could handle always having 1000+ reviews and lessons at a time and not trying to finish them all. The level ups are just a nice little reinforcement for myself to know that I’m progressing, not my main driving factor.
Overall, yeah, I can get behind this method the most out of the ones done so far.

There is a waitlist. While it was incredibly hard to join a while ago, it has become increasingly easier. New people are added in waves.

So far it has kept me going with pretty good efficiency. What is the use of doing things properly if you over-extend and end up pausing or even dropping it all. Better to juggle a few more balls and drop one than to stop it altogether.

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I agree that it highly depends on the user. It’s like WK is a game and this is one possible skill tree. Let’s call it the turtle-rabbit combo or catch-up-speed-runner :smiley:

I plan to un-burn all items at some point and while I do try to reach 0/0 again, it is simply impossible. Time is too scarce. Without this strat I would have probably either switched to a slow-proper-growth build or drop it. I don;t think the former would be suitable to me even if I had the time required for it. I have a different kind of patience, but that’s just me.

That being said, I think this is a great strategy for anyone when they find themselves in a bind. Say you are level 40 and time gets scarce. Why not organize your levels by script and start from the highest downwards. (Or create a hole like me).

In the end it’s all about what suits you and if there is one thing that WK is missing then it’s a good identify-someones-unique-mind-and-adjust-to-it

Much like clothes, unless you custom-tailor them they will never truly fit

I’ve seen a few people here in the forums mention they substitute their own mnemonics and completely disregard the supplies WK default (while keeping all other parts of the WK system of course).

There are some people who would argue that personally relevant, self-generated mnemonics contribute to better learning efficiency, retention and recall. The whole study of memory and learning is a pretty fascinating hole to fall down. I just finished reading Moonwalking with Einstein and it’s definitely changed the way I think about the endeavor of committing things to memory.

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