I created a web-based image-to-text converter with built-in image editing and character correction


I created this website for my programming thesis, and is primarily to help you read and look up kanji you don’t know (yet!), although it works fine for kana as well. Some features that I have developed that doesn’t exist in other software:

  • Ability to instantly paste a screenshot taken from anywhere on your computer
  • Built-in image editing to improve accuracy, and so you don’t need to mess around with other software
  • Correct your results if wrong character is recognized
  • Built-in dictionary to provide details about individual kanji (readings and meanings)

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated so that I can improve it as much as possible. You can also fill in this survey if you really feel like it: https://goo.gl/forms/5Xl4gYPdoLsMpnft1


I have my wanikani forum interface language set to Japanese, so I did a quick test on a screenshot of the bottom where it says 関連トピック (related topics), and it worked perfectly. This might be very useful for games or other cases where digital text isn’t copy-pastable, which makes it difficult to look up words that contain unknown kanji. I’ll definitely keep it in mind. Thanks for sharing.

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