I can't seem to get out of level 1

i’ve completed the level 1 radicals review three times now perfectly. before that, i reset my account. how do i progress to the level 1 kanji or level 2 radicals? i’m a recent customer, but someone who gets bored easily if they’re not challenged.

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It takes 4 reviews to get an item to guru. The details are a little old, but the FAQ and Guide have the general details of this.


Its 4 reviews, not 3, until it will get to guru

Leebo T_T


how do i get access to more content faster? can i be reviewing lots of things simultaneously? i like the design/interface of wanikani. excellent job on web/UI design for this app.

however, when i tried WaniKani about 18 months ago, there seem to have been more features. or, at least, it seems that something is missing from my experience. i was able to access more kanji faster and the kanji lessons seem to have been different. i remember focusing more on kanji.

The only changes to WK in that time frame have actually made the minimum time faster, not slower. Your recollection of reaching the content faster than now is incorrect. But the first few levels are always a bit of a slow experience. This is intentional, if you read the FAQ…


The review density will pick up as you go on, but the beginning being slow is a pretty common thought. The best you can do is just put up with it for now. If you have extra time you would like to be spending on japanese, there is always grammar and other vocab to be learned!


i breezed through the FAQ

not knowing kanji is preventing me from absorbing the language by reading content. i can learn french/spanish/german/etc simply by reading magazines, but i’m completely at a loss when it comes to absorbing japanese in the same way.

my other main blocker for japanese is a lack of conversational experience. i don’t know anyone that knows japanese or cares to even try learning it. if i don’t use a language generatively (i.e. stringing words together in a conversation) i lose it very quickly. my main problem with languages in general is a lack of vocabulary.

Well…I didnt actually say anything about absorbing content. In fact, at your level I would advise against it. Even so, there are plenty of common words that only use katakana/hiragana that can be found in the core 10k. They can be found here:

And grammar websites usually tell you how kanji is read and what they mean (tae kim’s comes to mine), so lack of kanji knowledge wont get in the way. I started learning grammar with tae kim’s before I learned a single kanji.

Luckily thats not required for the two options~

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Maybe that was too quick? :wink:


Give it one week. You’ll have lots of content then. You may even be on level two by then.

By level 5 you’re going to wish it gets slower


So…much… this!

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You won’t really get anywhere fast by breezing through anything. If you’re having issues with retention, might I also suggest wanikanify as it changes words you know in your browser (I linked Chrome, but you can google if you use firefox) into the kanji that you’ve guru’d on wanikani. This of course will be for later. If you’re struggling now, this would likely be very beneficial to you. But of course you’ll have to stay the course and work more until you unlock your kanji items.

You need to have a little patience and self discipline in the first few levels when it is slower and there’s not a lot of content. Of course you’re excited to work, but excitement doesn’t equate necessarily to long-term steady work. But if you’re consistent with your studies and keep at it, eventually you’ll get a lot of items and get big piles of work.


You can always learn a few Kanji elsewhere while you wait for WK to catch up, but because of the way WK is designed to work long-term, if you do huge chunks of lessons at a time, it will seriously come back to bite you later on.

It definitely picks up. At level 12 I’m spending about 30-60 minutes every day just to keep my review deck at zero. If I have lessons, it can go up to 90. This will average me about 10 days per level and it’s intense.

I’d prefer to also have a life outside of studying Japanese so keeping up with WK is pretty difficult. If it weren’t for the fact that I may or may not do some reviews and check out NHK articles at work, I simply wouldn’t have time for reading articles or grammar lessons.

The SRS timing is good. The only reason the first levels are so slow is because you don’t have radicals/kanji/vocab from previous levels to review. Now that I’m burning items, I consistently have 100-150 apprentice and >500 guru items that are showing up every day or two.

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yeh, this is true. it’s actually paced well. i was getting bored with “two days” “three things” etc

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wow thanks @twilightguardian! that will definitely help

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You’re welcome! Glad I could help~

Why would you want to level up? You get to be the same level as the Almighty @crabigator