I Can't Get The Subscription

You can create a free account on Kanji Koohii, it’s a free SRS where you write your own mnemonics. There you can learn vocab with their vocab shuffle, with words selected based on Remembering the Kanji index.

I live in Canada! I haven’t really thought about it, but now that you mention it I might try those methods as well.

I agree! I have a few friends my age who have also been trying to get jobs, not sure if it’s because of the pandemic or not but they all have really good resumes and have applied to multiple places with no response.

Tell your parents that you want to teach English in Japan. Tell them the best way to ensure a job is having Japanese capability.

They don’t need to know it isn’t true. Or maybe it IS true?

Try GoFundMe? I would toss in a few dollars to help with a lifetime sub.

A way to save a little money is to message WaniKani support and say “are there any active coupon codes?” I got a 20% off asking and nothing more. I did a yearly subscription at that discount then when the once a year discount on lifetime came around, I went with that. They apply whatever is left in your subscription to the price of lifetime so I ended up saving a nice amount of money long term.

I don’t know if I would even be able to leave the country. I mean, they technically don’t have complete control over me when I turn 18, but it’s still . . . hard to do anyways? Not because I want to stay, I’d just be scared of what they’d do (although they probably couldn’t do anything if I just got up and left anyways).

Once I complete my undergrad here, I’ll probably pursue moving out to Japan. That is, as long as I don’t give up on learning Japanese. A few people have recommended a GoFundMe but, this feels like something I should pay for myself? I don’t usually like taking people’s money unless I’ve earned it through some kind of work.

I have heard of it, but I’ve never really looked into it that much. Although it does interest me . . . I’m not sure how well it’d work out with my parents (they’re pretty controlling). I do agree, it would be a crazy experience, I’d love to study in Japan. I just wonder if that’s something I would be able to do.

If you want to “earn” the money from GoFundMe, start a blog for your Japanese journey.

Show the people who funded you that you are sticking to the journey. Sometimes it’s not about giving a tangible benefit to someone; it’s showing that you appreciate the gestures they made and showing them it means something to you.

Sorry if that may come off as insulting. I don’t mean it to be taken that way.

I also understand where you are coming from in regard to not wanting to just take people’s money. Sometimes it’s not bad to take advantage of people’s kindess but it can be hard to get over.

Another option is to figure out a way to make some money and then get a subscription. Maybe showing your parents you are serious about learning the language will convince them it’s a good thing. Or maybe show them that learning it doesn’t hinder your other studies as well?

Don’t worry, you didn’t come off as insulting. I understand that may have sounded a bit naive on my part, sorry.

I used to do small jobs to earn some cash, but with the whole pandemic thing, it’s harder to get actual job opportunities right now as well. Honestly, I’ve been putting off applying for a job because I’m a bit of the introverted type. I have been trying to push myself because I know I can’t stay jobless forever, plus I am going to have to make social interactions with many people in the future as well so I may as well get used to it. I am scared (which i agree sounds a bit stupid) but I’m trying to get over it myself as well.

I’ll think about starting a GoFundMe page, although I think I may be able to getr a subscription if I get an friend to pay for me (as suggested by someone else), and I pay them back for it with my savings.

InstaGC (shameless plug :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)
Can even cash out for Amazon Japan gift cards. How I’ve gotten a bunch of stuff from Amazon for “free”

I am an introvert as well. Life never gets easier; you just figure out how to deal with needing down time after dealing with those “situations” we don’t enjoy. Like going to a job with people we don’t know. With WK subscription, I would probably go to work, be energy depleted then come home to WK and decompress that way. But that’s me and what works for me may not work for you. And now that I am full time WFH, I can bask in my introverted-ness and only take occasional calls (which I definitely hate as well but better than being around people I don’t know).

Take the step of looking for something that isn’t retail. No idea what that would be.

I worked at McDonald’s in my teens (many years ago now) and because I also had a… fun time with “colorful” language, I was relegated to cooking. That was great as I grew to know my fellow coworkers but never had to deal with customers. The one time I did have to deal with customers, management immediately regretted it and back to kitchen I went!

Anyone around you have a landscaping business they are looking for someone to do grunt work, like clean up? You’d need to know the boss and talk to them, but I am guessing most of the job would be alone time which is… great. If you made a WK lifetime subscription a goal and saved for that, would maybe take a summer to get enough to cover it while having money for other fun stuff.

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I don’t have any new alternatives that haven’t been said already, but I wish you well on your journey and uh, stay on the forums, please.

That being said, check out the AJATT blog if you haven’t already for lots of tips on immersion and the like.

Yes! I hate being an introvert but i can’t keep using it as an excuse to not work. I don’t know if I’d work at a fast food restaurant, maybe a library instead? I can probably find some family friends who would be willing to pay me for cleaning and like things, they have before. Working from home must be great, not having to deal with people in person at least.

I think I will start saving up for a lifetime subscription. I don’t have many friends to do anything with over the summer anyways, so my money usually just stays with me. The only problem really is that everything I earn is in cash, so I’m gonna have to do something about that.

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Trust me, I wasn’t telling you to work fast food. I wouldn’t tell an introvert to do that… or really anyone else that isn’t desperate. :smiley:

It was just the only thing readily available to me as a teen… when most places saw a dude with long hair they smiled taking my applications but never bothered calling.

If you can find folks willing to pay you for things you are comfortable doing and not have to work directly with the public, go for it! $300 for lifetime isn’t bad, just be aware they will have a once a year sale around Christmas that drops it to $200. I just looked at my billing and I paid $225 after buying a year with a discount then moving to Lifetime during the 2020 Christmas sale. Definitely something to look into. Depending on your goals and speed, it could actually cost you less to go through with a yearly subscription with a discount than going Lifetime.

I went Lifetime as while I am leveling up quickly at times, others I am taking up to 3 weeks between levels which could push me beyond a year. I also have no problem supporting WK financially since they provided me a tool that actually has kept my attention for at least the first 33 levels, unlike all the other kanji attempts I’ve made over the last 20 years. :crazy_face:

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Here’s the opposite I think. Restaurants and so on are closed, so a lot of people are out of a job. Retail is the same.

Looking for a studentjob, might be harder nowadays than 2 years ago.
Especially at 16 yo

I just randomly skimmed the conversation about introvert work.

Data entry!

Oh my gosh. 8 hours of entering number in a system. And they let me listen to music.

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I haven’t thought about data entry, but it seems like a nice job. I’d be more than happy to just put numbers into a system!

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