I can't find this kanji in wanikani 幌

Maybe its there, maybe not, i’m not sure because the searchbar doesnt accept kanji input. I try to find the meaning in English (canopy, awning, hood, curtain) and hoping i can stumble upon the kanji, but i get no result.

Why its not there tho? It’s being used in the word “Sapporo”, it should be a really common kanji.

That’s pretty much the only word it appears in with any regularity. And in 札幌 its usage is ateji (phonetic kanji usage) because the origin of Sapporo’s name is not from the Japanese language, but from the Ainu language, like many place names in Hokkaido. The meaning of “canopy” is not related to the origin of the name Sapporo.

So, you’ve learned everything you need to know about that kanji, really.

There are many, many kanji that are generally rare, but appear in well-known place names. If WK added them all, there’d be dozens more kanji just with one place name for each. They have to draw the line somewhere.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by this though. I often search for kanji on the dashboard.


I reckon it’s definitely worth learning to recognise those. They’ve got real-world application, unlike a depressingly large number of the 51-60 kanji.


Yeah, but any of them that you would “need” to know are either going to be reinforced by repetition whether you want to know them or not. Or, since they’re place names and Japan is great about English signage, you can just get by without ever reading them in kanji.

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Nooo. I don’t want to learn how to read 兵庫. It’s a smelly place.


Well, then you can always just say it the way people who don’t know Japanese pronunciation seem to.



Now it’s your fault I learned it. :weary:

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