I canceled my subscription

i stopped really using wanikani about half way into the year and i never picked back up. there were a few moments of inspiration getting me to come back full force but they didnt last very long. i have other homework to do and i dont want to study japanese anymore.

im glad i did wanikani as it improved my skills significantly, minded that im slowly forgetting everything i learned. it helped me learn many new words. people say that wanikani isnt a website for learning vocabulary, but i find learning new words alongside the kanji very helpful in understanding their meanings.

id totally start my subscription again if i got the determination


It about building a habit also. Everyone has bad days, unmotivated days and tired days. It is ok to have a break as long as you don’t give up. Even if not with wanikani. Good luck


Consistency is the key and doing a little bit is better than nothing or else you could end up losing a huge chunk of what you have learned. You could just set your account on vacation motion and just do reviews only no new lessons until you feel better.

In the meantime if you are a fan of manga you could try Crystal Hunters as it’s a manga that teaches Japanese. :smile_cat:


Good luck on your journey @OuchWaterwars :crossed_fingers:


I came back to 1000 reviews waiting for me after a 1.5 month hiatus. I’m down to about 600 now. I figured if I don’t get back to it now, I’d probably want to reset and or quit wanikani . . . again.

I’m not trying to say what you’re doing is wrong. Sorry to hear that you’ve lost interest in the language. Wanikani will be there waiting if you ever regain interest. It’s actually kind of refreshing to come back to it after years. It makes you realize how powerful memory can be.


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